We believe that simple wood rings create a chance to celebrate life

We use materials sourced in an ecologically responsible fashion, and treat each wood ring with artisan care in our hometown of Chicago.

Let us work with you to create a meaningful piece of socially and environmentally conscious art that represents your romantic connection and shared values.

We are committed to living lower-impact lives, doing business ethically, and honoring art, love, and thought every day.

Engage honestly, sustainably, and naturally with Simply Wood Rings.

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Our custom wood rings are a result of collaboration. We love working with clients to make meaningful pieces that incoporate traditions, stories, and materials from their lives. Having a ring that is one-of-a-kind and made specifically for you or your loved one is an exceptional memento.


We know that having so many options is hard. Here you will find images of past and completed custom wood rings (and a few other pieces, like cufflinks) designed and crafted by Simply Wood Rings. If you got inspired by the wood rings we have created in the past and would like your own unique piece, please visit our custom ring page.


What our clients are saying


Pulling heavily from Celtic and Native American beliefs and folklore, we have selected each tree and appropriate month to highlight the symbolic meaning and strengths of each tree and those born under them. Birthwood rings have proved to be special and meaningful for the wearer for years to come, representing their individuality.


Sometimes you run out of time but you don’t want to compromise on quality artisanship. We have curated a selection of our most popular in-stock wooden wedding and engagement rings that are available to ship upon purchase. 

Human connection is about evolving and sharing life’s important moments with each other. Let us work with you to create a meaningful piece of socially and environmentally-conscious art that represents your romantic connection and shared values. We have perfected our ring-crafting skills to bring you the créme de la créme of eco-conscious, non-traditional rings that celebrate your love for a special person, or life and the world itself.

Conventional wedding rings have an anvironmental and social impact that we might not always consider. Each wooden ring we create is unique and carefully handcrafted. Countless hours are put into each piece, so you could enjoy something truly special that celebrated the here and now.

Our mission is to reduce global waste by creating responsibly-sourced wood rings. Every piece of wood has its own story to tell. Our Ancient Kauri Wood Ring, for example, is made from wood that is 50,000 years old. We want you to feel connected to our human history, and wearing a piece of history around your finger feels truly special. We are committed to celebrating the beauty in every piece of wood we work with.

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