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An Ocean of Love!

We heard that Method Soaps began an initiative to recycle discarded plastics. 


But guess what? We’ve already done it!

an ocean of love new ring

This ring, fondly named “An Ocean of Love” was created for a Marine Biologist from San Diego. She was studying the effects of plastic on marine life.

She and her husband were so passionate about the research they were doing that she decided to incorporate plastic samples, collected from the Pacific Ocean, into her crushed inlay. The result was this beautiful ring that is a constant reminder of the passion that drives her. 

>Great minds think alike! If more companies collected plastic to house their products maybe we could reduce the giant Texas-sized Great Pacific Garbage Patch that consists of plastic caught in a convergence of currents. We have so much work to do for our planet! We’re doing our best! One ring at a time! 

We really love what Method is doing! Check out their website for more information!