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The Tree has been a symbol for humans throughout our time, spanning histories, geographies, religions and mythologies. It is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all life, reaching out to the sky with its branches and down into the Earth with its roots.

Pulling heavily from Celtic and Native American beliefs and folklore, we’ve selected each tree and appropriate month to highlight the symbolic meaning and strengths of each tree and those born under them. Also, see our line of Mother’s Wood Ring. 

Birthwood Ring by Month

Birch Garnet Birthwood Ring


Rebirth & Renewal Birch & Raw Garnet

Birthwood February : Hackberry Wood Ring with Amethyst Inlay


Wisdom & Intuition Hackberry & Amethyst

Birthwood March : Ash Wood Ring with Aquamarine Inlay


Sensitivity & Awareness Ash & Aquamarine

Birthwood April : Walnut Wood Ring with Diamond Dust Inlay


Wisdom & Knowledge Walnut & Diamond Dust

birthwood elm with emerald inlay


Tradition & Loyalty Elm & Raw Emerald

Oak and Black Pearl Birthwood RIng


June Strength of Character Oak & Black Pearl

Birthwood July : Cherry Wood Ring with Ruby Inlay


Compassion & Nobility Cherry & Raw Ruby

Birthwood August : Applewood and Peridot


August Gentleness & Happiness Applewood & Peridot

Birthwood September : Willow Wood Ring with Sapphire Inlay


Imagination & Sacredness Willow & Sapphire

Birthwood Ring : October


October Balance & Love Maple & Opal

birthwood cedar with imperial topaz inlay


Healing & Cleansing Cedar & Imperial Topaz

Decmenber Birthwood Ring


Peace & Harmony Pine & Turquoise

Love is

Our “Sitting in a Tree” wood ring brings the whole family together with a base wood of an anniversary month, inlays of Birthwoods for the parents and birthstones inlayed to represent the month(s) of the child/children’s birth month.

Birthwood Base & Inlay Options

Birch Birthwood

January - Birch

The Birch tree symbolizes rebirth and renewal.

February - Hackberry

The Hackberry tree symbolizes wisdom, strength of will, and intuition.

Ash Birthwood

March - Ash

The Ash tree symbolizes peace of mind, sensitivity and awareness.

April - Walnut

The Walnut tree symbolizes of universal wisdom and knowledge.

Willow Birthwood

May - Elm

The Elm tree symbolizes strength, family tradition and loyalty.

June - Oak

The Oak tree symbolizes truth, knowledge, strength of character and motivation.

July - Cherry

The Cherry tree symbolizes strong expression and compassion.

Apple Birthwood

August - Applewood

The Apple tree symbolizes strength, gentleness, abundance and giving.


September - Willow

The Willow tree symbolizes imagination, intuition and vision.

Maple Birthwood

October - Maple

The Maple tree symbolizes offering, generosity, balance, promise and practicality.

Cedar Birthwood

November - Cedar

The Cedar tree symbolizes of healing and cleansing.

December - Pine

The Pine tree symbolizes creativity, peace and harmony.

Custom Birthwood Ring
Custom Birthwood* rings with birth flower inlay

Try mixing your Birthwood*, Birthstone and Birth flower to make a truly unique wood ring.

For the first 19 years of my life, I celebrated my birthday with my grandmother. This is because we happened to have the same birthday. October 17th was always the one day out of the year that I looked forward to the most.

Christina D.

Birthstone Inlay Options


Raw Garnet symbolizes consistency & loyalty


Amethyst symbolizes sincerity & peace



Aquamarine symbolizes courage & health


Diamond dust symbolizes innocence & love


Raw Emerald symbolizes happiness & fertility


Black Pearl symbolizes balance & joy


Raw Ruby symbolizes nobility & beauty


Peridot symbolizes felicity & protection


Raw Sapphire symbolizes wisdom & calmness


Opal symbolizes balance & endurance


Raw Imperial Topaz symbolizes friendship & strength


Turquoise symbolizes wisdom & health

Love is Now

Staying true to these ancient ideas, Birthwood by Simply Wood Rings, paired with birthstones, represents the “gift of the present moment”.

Birth Flower Inlay Options

JanuaryCarnationfascination, distinction, love
FebruaryVioletmodesty, distinction, virtue
MarchDaffodilspring, rebirth, domestic happiness
AprilDaisygoodbye, or blissful pleasure
MayLily of the Valleyhappiness, humility, sweetness
JuneRoselove, gratitude, appreciation
JulyLarkspurjoyful, fickleness, sweet
AugustGladiolusmoral integrity
SeptemberAsterdaintiness, love, magic
OctoberMarigoldwinning grace, protection, comfort, healing
NovemberChrysanthemumcheerfulness, friendship, abundance
DecemberNarcissussweetness, self-esteem

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