Design Your Own Wood Ring

Wood holds past life.

The tree it was, the beams that bore the weight of a roof, the guitar that reverberated with music long-lost.The wood we use is matter in progress and we take great care in shepherding it to its next form, honoring all it has been and will be.

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Want to add an inscription to your ring(s)?

Add your inscription here! Remember to add one for each ring you are designing. And, please note that inscriptions might not show at all on darker woods such as bogwood.

Ring Profile Guide

Soft Flat Cross Section

A slightly softer looking profile than totally flat (Most Popular)

D Cross Section

A ring profile with a round outside and a flat inside

Reverse D Profile

Flat on the outside but a more comfortable wear.

Courting Profile

Slightly curved both on the outside and inside of the ring

Tell Your Story with Customer Provided Materials

We can transform your own wood and other inlay materials, (like stones, fossil and sand), into an elegant and meaningful wooden wedding ring or engagement ring. We also have a variety of  unique and responsibly-sourced materials. If you do provide materials, wood intended to build a wood ring must be at least 12″ x 2″ x 2″.  Smaller pieces will suffice for inlay. Contact us for other options.

Why choose wooden rings?

Some people have metal allergies, and others simply like the aesthetic, but for us wood rings are objects that reference the natural world, passing of time, and values of reuse, renewal, and growth. Our ring materials come exclusively from eco-conscious and ethically responsible sources and produced in the same manner. Our wooden rings are handcrafted by our small troop of creative enthusiasts: we care about you, your story, and making you a meaningful ring.

Looking for something a little more special

Naturally we can help make that custom wood ring!
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