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Valentine’s Day is on the way!



Flowers and chocolate are so 2017.

This year let SimplyWood Rings make that special someone a one-of-a-kind ring that says “I love you!” in more than one way.


Rosewood base

Simply Wood Rings offers a variety of beautiful reclaimed woods that can be used as the base of your ring. Rose wood, is a popular wood because of its strength, hardness, stability, and beauty. It is predominantly reddish-brown color and has a sweet smell. It is said to have compassionate and nourishing qualities. Cherry wood is a great base because of its rich natural luster and medium weight. It has been called the “tree of heart” and symbolizes compassion. Apple wood is another great base to use. It has an appearance and texture similar to Cherry, yet is heavier and harder. Apple is said to symbolize adoration and longevity in love. Another popular wood to use as the base for this special gift is Maple. Maple wood has a natural light color with a fine, uniform texture. Maple is also a very strong wood and has a high resistance to abrasion and wear. The Maple symbolizes the tree of offering, also balance and strength.Teak Wood Ring with Maple Liner


These four woods are just the start to what Simply Wood Rings can use to create your ring. Every material we use offers it’s own unique meaning and properties thus giving you a limitless amount of combinations to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind ring that has it’s own special meaning for that special someone. Just check out our gallery to look at some of the pieces Simply Wood Rings has created over the years. Contact us today and we can start creating something beautiful for you!


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So Fresh, So Clean: The New Site Is Up!

Dear Friends,

It’s almost our 10th anniversary. Technically, traditionally, that’s tin, but we prefer to think of it as “double-wood”! As a gift to ourselves, and a gift to you, we’ve put together a sweet new site that tells your stories and displays everything that makes us special as a company. (Hint: a large part of that is you all.)

First, here’s what the site looked like in 2006. A bit nineties, to our eye, for sure. It’s nice, though, to see we had that simple elegance from the start. [Insert winking emoticon here!]

The New Site Is Up!

And, [drum roll as loud as thunder],  here’s our brand new look!

The New Site Is Up!

On the site, (which can still be found at, you’ll be able to get to the meat of the matter (wood rings! how wonderful they are! how to take care of them! the team!) while enjoying beautiful pictures of our wares, all under the sheltering sky (banner) the color of seawater in a cave.

We hope you’ll take time to explore the new site. Contact us with comments and suggestions. In the coming week, we’ll be expanding the gallery selection to show off even more beauty that’s coming out of the shop.

Share, share alike, shout from mountaintops, re-post, blog and skywrite just as much as your heart desires.

Stay tuned for exciting evolutions and fun adventures!

The SWR Team

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The “Breaking Traditions” Wood Ring

The Breaking Traditions ring

The Breaking Traditions ring! One of our most popular designs. It is designed to represent the four elements. But this ring is so versatile, it’s easy to make it your own.

The Breaking Traditions Ring

You can change the inlay, to whatever stones or materials you want.  You can even add some wood if you like! You can give us your own materials to use as well.

Breaking Traditions ring

Or maybe you would like to get really creative! And use all sorts of different materials.
get really creative

What will you put in your Breaking Traditions ring?
Breaking Traditions ring

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Puzzle Rings!

Puzzle Rings!

Today I would like to talk about puzzle rings. There are many thing about these rings that are wonderful, but I think overall it’s a great we to bring three rings to a central theme.

Puzzle Rings!

The idea is that the engagement ring and one wedding band fit together like a puzzle. Then there is a curved line that follows the puzzle shape of the ring. This line is added to the larger wedding band, to tie all three rings together!

mike yen

We’ve only made a few set’s so far, we hope to make more. What do you think about them?

Puzzle Rings!

Puzzle Rings!

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Wood Burning

Wood Ring Inscription

Baseball Bat

Did you know that we can wood burn a message for you inside your ring or on a box? We do the whole thing by hand, so we can do different fonts, different characters and even draw a little picture!

Vivian Wael

What would you write on your ring?

Cohen Box

loved woodburned

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Send Your Materials And We Will Use Them To Make Your Ring

Did you know that you can give us your own materials to create your ring? Yea, really! If there’s an old tree that you grew up with, a rock you found on a hike, or maybe even a baseball bat. Send it to us, we’ll make a ring for you!

Josh Phillips

We find that using provided materials is always a nice surprise. Each piece of wood is different, and special. It’s exciting to see how it turns out!


We don’t need too much material to make a ring, if you have a piece that is 2″ by 2″ by 12″, with the grain of the wood running the longest length, that is enough for us to make a ring!

baseball bat

For inlays we need a piece that is roughly a pen blank, or a table spoon, depending on the material.

oak and more

So let us know what you have to use for your ring!

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The Mighty Oak

Why we love our oak rings so much

green acorn ring
It’s that time of year! Fall is here and the leaves are just starting to change color. Another thing you might notice if you look to the ground are all the lovely little acorns that have dropped from their home way up in that big Oak tree. We were lucky enough to pick up a few of the acorns and catch some lovely photos with this set of Oak rings we just made. Check out the great color’s of these

green acorn ring
Many people all over the world find symbolism and meaning in the Oak tree. Oak plays an important role in Celtic culture. It symbolizes everything from strength, life, family and power. It’s even the national tree for lots of countries. It’s no wonder the Oak is so important to many people and places, they are found in humorous places all over the world. The White Oak tree can grow up to 80′ tall and even 80′ wide.  

black acorn ring
With so much meaning and beauty it’s easy to see why we are so proud of each oak ring we make. Not only to they hold so much symbolism, we love the golden color and the strong grain texture visible in each ring.  As you know by now, oak is very strong and it makes for a great ring that is sure to last!

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Inlay Options!

Check out this beautiful ring set! These rings wonderfully display the many inlay options that are possible. Both are inlayed with Mother of Pearl. We love to see customers finding alternative options to diamonds.

Do you have inlay ideas? Get in touch with us by email or phone! / 312 590 6070

Other materials that are used for inlays are:
Wood, Stones, Sand, Meteorite, Bone (We have dinosaur bone!), Hair, Flowers, and Rust!

Here are a few more images of beautiful inlays.

ash jade set

 big oad sand


breaking traditions amber

double recycled ring set

land before time ring

ocean ring

ring set cross inlays

set bog crushed inlay