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Inlay Options!

Check out this beautiful ring set! These rings wonderfully display the many inlay options that are possible. Both are inlayed with Mother of Pearl. We love to see customers finding alternative options to diamonds.

Do you have inlay ideas? Get in touch with us by email or phone! / 312 590 6070

Other materials that are used for inlays are:
Wood, Stones, Sand, Meteorite, Bone (We have dinosaur bone!), Hair, Flowers, and Rust!

Here are a few more images of beautiful inlays.

ash jade set

 big oad sand


breaking traditions amber

double recycled ring set

land before time ring

ocean ring

ring set cross inlays

set bog crushed inlay

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Breaking Traditions

Original vs. Variation

Our rings are made to order, which means when you order a ring it is created just for you! Even two rings of the same design will never be exactly the same. It is also possible to create variations to our in-house designs. The rings above are an example of the same design that was created with different materials by request of the customer.

Breaking Traditions is one of our standard designs. Shown on the left, it is a Mahogany band inlaid with a mixture of crushed stones, including Mother of Pearl, Coral, Malachite, Concrete and Sand. The liner is Birch. The ring on the left is a Breaking Traditions Variation customized by a customer. The wood is Mahogany and the inlay is composed of Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Mother of Pearl with a Maple liner.

Let us know which ring you like best by commenting on this post!

Check out our web shop to view the Breaking Traditions as well as other standard designs! Ring Shop

fb compare

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Sacred Symbolism in Natural Materials

While we offer designs on the website that we find people respond well to, we are often commissioned to create rings that are very specific to the people we make them for. Creating custom rings has yielded some beautiful results that we are proud to send as wedding rings, engagement rings, anniversary rings, and promise rings. These are obviously very significant occasions that people mark with the exchange of rings. We are happy to be a part of this creation process, as we work with customers to finalize the specifics of designs, while the customer sometimes gathers the wood or other materials like sand and stone, to incorporate into the ring.

The materials that we put around our finger should resonate with us. As wood holds within it its past life, the energy it took to grow is still present within its every fiber. And the wood ring wrapped around your finger is representing that energy and that growth. 

They can symbolize the importance of place:
african turquoise

Wood from Uganda and Paraguay
Stones and Seashells from Guernsey Island near France

The design can hold spiritual significance:
bog set
Sand inlaid in the sign of the cross.

The design can symbolize the past, present, and future:
pennie for your thoughts
Copper penny inlaid in supplied wood.

If interested in commissioning your own set of rings, please email us at Please keep in mind that it takes a little more time to put together the design, gather the materials, and create the rings with the utmost care and attention.