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Wood Ring Tales- Keenan and Hayley

Welcome to our second installation of Wood Ring Tales! Here is the story of Keenan and Hayley, which features a very special customized ring! 

"Hayley was born and raised in Minnesota. I just moved from Colorado to Florida. When we met, we were both camping on Cayo Costa, a small island off the coast of Fort Myers. When we met for the first time I wasn’t bareback on a white stallion… It was actually pouring rain and I was running to camp to set up before the rest of my group arrived - and that's when I saw her.

Hayley is different; I knew she was from the moment I met her. And because of this I knew I needed to give her a ring that wasn’t the same as everyone else’s.

Hayley and I were dating about a month later. She lived in Minnesota and I still lived in Florida. The end of the following summer I wanted her to meet my parents in Colorado. It was on that trip that I cooked her dinner on top of the mountain that overlooks my hometown. It was on that mountain where I first told Hayley that I loved her. And it is wood and rock from that mountain that make up the inner part of the ring that I gave to her.

Wood and rock from Colorado, a diamond from Florida, and I proposed in Minnesota. Hayley says it’s the coolest ring she has ever seen."

Minnesota, Colorado, Florida
Minnesota, Florida, Colorado

You can make your own custom ring, just click on the link below! 

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Wood Burning

Wood Ring Inscription

Baseball Bat

Did you know that we can wood burn a message for you inside your ring or on a box? We do the whole thing by hand, so we can do different fonts, different characters and even draw a little picture!

Vivian Wael

What would you write on your ring?

Cohen Box

loved woodburned

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Branch Box Set from Simply Wood Rings: A “How to”

Want a complete set of wood rings including a branch box made of wood you provide? It’s as easy as pie!

Follow these instructions:

1. Choose your wood.
Is there a type of wood that is special to you and your partner? Or just a type that you are drawn too? Perhaps you have an old piece of furniture, a baseball bat, a tree that was planted when you were born, a special tree you used to climb? Any of these options are possible!

2. Send us a piece of your chosen wood.
To create the rings we need a piece of straight wood that is 2 x 2 x 12 inches. And a branch piece that is at least 2 x 2 x 5 inches. It is possible to combine these two and send a piece that is 2 x 2 x 17-18 inches.

3. Approve your design.
Contact Allison by email or phone (, 312 590 6070) to conceptualize and approve your designs. There are so many options! Consider the following: Will you include other materials in your design such as, stones, wood, metal, etc. How will you incorporate other materials? What are your ring sizes? Do you want a thicker ring or a thinner ring? And check out our gallery to generate ideas.

4. Wait for it!
Our rings are custom made for you! They take about 6-8 weeks to complete so be patient and know that you are getting two beautiful wood rings that incorporate materials that are meaningful to you! (If you need your rings sooner we offer an Expedited Service for a fee of $65)

5. After a few weeks you will receive a package in the mail.
You will open it. In that box will the most beautiful wood ring set you’ve ever seen. You will be amazed by the careful craftsmanship and the natural beauty of the materials. You will probably cry tears of joy!

6. Tell all your friends how much you love Simply Wood Rings (via Facebook and Twitter)

Voila! If you have any questions, please email or call! Check out our website to see rings we’ve made in the past! Check out more examples below!

Allison Taylor
Customer Liaison
312 590 6070

cohen box

cohen rings

cool box ring

stef reyes

box bling

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Inlay Options!

Check out this beautiful ring set! These rings wonderfully display the many inlay options that are possible. Both are inlayed with Mother of Pearl. We love to see customers finding alternative options to diamonds.

Do you have inlay ideas? Get in touch with us by email or phone! / 312 590 6070

Other materials that are used for inlays are:
Wood, Stones, Sand, Meteorite, Bone (We have dinosaur bone!), Hair, Flowers, and Rust!

Here are a few more images of beautiful inlays.

ash jade set

 big oad sand


breaking traditions amber

double recycled ring set

land before time ring

ocean ring

ring set cross inlays

set bog crushed inlay