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The World in a Ring

O’ what a happy Monday! A day to bring ourselves upright once more, to charge into the new week. (Or revive with a cup of coffee and some deep breathing, and then stride gently up to the day’s to-do…)

Today, a newcomer to the studio asked, why is it called “Breaking Traditions“? Why, because it turns everything we’ve been raised to think about an engagement ring on its head!

It isn’t about rebellion so much as re-imagination: our Breaking Traditions rings use reclaimed, recycled, or ecologically-sourced wood and eons-old minerals, designed to respect our world while celebrating the wearer’s own, fresh view.

The World in a Ring

This “Breaking Traditions” mahogany ring is inlaid with mother of pearl, lapis, malachite, and red coral.

Mother of pearl is pretty and tough, the iridescent shield that protects the inner pearl.

Lapis lazuli is the source of a painter’s ultramarine, the platonic ideal of blue for artists (and us).

Malachite is a terrestrial green, a green of protection and healing and growth.

Red coral comes from the caverns of the ocean, a pulsing vermilion in the deep.

And in the design, with care and craft, all of it comes together: an emblem for a promise, an honorific of a connection, a signification of who you are and who you mean to be.

Let us help you celebrate your sweet difference! Wishing you a happy, healthy, productive week!