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One Ring to Rule Them All: Lord of the Rings Wedding Band

We talked amongst ourselves regarding the propriety of naming this post as we did. But when you woodburn a beautiful Elvish phrase onto a sweet ring, what are you supposed to name the post heralding its arrival?

Behold, an all-good no-evil stainless steel ring with an oak liner: am meleth din, it reads. Or, if you don’t speak Elvish: for her love.

Lord of the Rings Wedding Band

It’s a beaut, aint’ it? [Insert more appropriate Lord of the Rings-related compliment here.]

Other Elvish possibilities:

Lle naa curucuar (you are a skillful bowman)
Cormlle naa tanya tel’raa (you have the heart of a lion)
Oio naa elealla alasse’ (ever is thy sight a joy) or perhaps a simple Melinyel (I love you).

Want to make your own custom ring, inscribed with your own lovespeak?
Drop us a line, by visiting our custom ring page here. 

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360 Degrees of Awesome

Often we only show you one view of a ring (so many rings, so little time!) but we thought we’d splash into the Photoshop pool to show you the many pretty and different views of the “x” inlay. Such movement!

Oak Lapis Cross Inlay 4 Way View
oak lapis

Want to know more about how our rings are durable and different? Check out our “About Rings” page.

top: oak ring trio l: lapis lazuli “x” inlay,
center: mother of pearl,
right:lapis lazuli
bottom: a 360-degree view of the “x” inlay

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Urbs in Horto: City of Chicago Flag Ring

“Urbs In Hoto” is the Chicago city motto. It means “City in a Garden,” and anyone who’s spent any time in our hometown knows why. The land is full of parks and trees and nature in every available corner.

This afternoon, at the direction of a client, we took the motto literally, and made the city flag out of fauna. It’s freshly made by our expert artisans (with a special shout-out to Joe, for the #flawless inlay), out of oak with red and blue fluorite.

City of Chicago Flag Ring by Simply Wood Rings: oak with red and blue fluorite.

City of Chicago Flag Ring by Simply Wood Rings: oak with red and blue fluorite.

We’re all crushing on it, and Gustav already has a plan to make a version of it with lighter, locally foraged maple.

In case you (like some of us transplants) didn’t know, the four stars of the Chicago flag represent Fort Dearborn (first built on the banks of the river in what’s now the Loop); the Great Chicago Fire (certainly a transformative moment); and the World’s Columbian Express, and the Century of Progress Exposition rounding up the count.

Interested in your own Chicago or [TO WHATEVER YOU PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE] ring? Sidle on up to our pretty new site, and contact us with ideas, dreams, challenges, and questions!

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The Mighty Oak

Why we love our oak rings so much

green acorn ring
It’s that time of year! Fall is here and the leaves are just starting to change color. Another thing you might notice if you look to the ground are all the lovely little acorns that have dropped from their home way up in that big Oak tree. We were lucky enough to pick up a few of the acorns and catch some lovely photos with this set of Oak rings we just made. Check out the great color’s of these

green acorn ring
Many people all over the world find symbolism and meaning in the Oak tree. Oak plays an important role in Celtic culture. It symbolizes everything from strength, life, family and power. It’s even the national tree for lots of countries. It’s no wonder the Oak is so important to many people and places, they are found in humorous places all over the world. The White Oak tree can grow up to 80′ tall and even 80′ wide.

black acorn ring
With so much meaning and beauty it’s easy to see why we are so proud of each oak ring we make. Not only to they hold so much symbolism, we love the golden color and the strong grain texture visible in each ring.  As you know by now, oak is very strong and it makes for a great ring that is sure to last!

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Spirit of Imagination Wooden Ring

Spirit of Imagination Wooden Ring

The outer wood (Oak) represents nobility of spirit and the inner base wood (Dyed Maple) represents imagination.

The dark wood is dyed to achieve the color much like dyed wool while the Oak is left natural.

I handcraft every ring to bring out the warmth and honesty of the wood. Each ring is hand formed from thin layers of wood chosen for its grain and durability.