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Creating Art

One of the most satisfying things about creating art is that it can come from anything and anywhere. I have been working on some new sculptural pieces that will be listed on the site in the couple of next weeks or so. I’m excited where this work is going and where its coming from. For sometime now I have been very interested in the idea of decay. Mostly the process of decay and what it means to us as humans and how we react to it. The idea that decay carries a negative connotation is something I explored in some of the new pieces. Rust is an element that I have connected with on a visceral level. Using rust as an inlay in a wooden ring was very much an experiment with a pleasant visual outcome. I like to use materials such as rust, concrete or sand all just as precious to the soul as any gemstone. One question that I ask my self as I work is – As we walk through this life what will I carrie with me through this journey? A symbol of permanence or a visual representation if one of life’s wondrous process – decay.

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