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Simply Wood Rings is “Eco-conscious wood jewelry.” As the Earth urges us to pay attention to our habits, this phrase is both timely and timeless. We are connecting people’s desire to do good, with a product tailored to the time and place of their love. We wish to evoke love, hope, and promise in a product that is made with the customer in mind, from materials that are salvaged, sustainable, and meaningful. What you do in this moment is more important than the idea of forever. You can string together all the moments in the world, but forever is a space too vast to occupy. 


Connecting to this idea is becoming more and more relevant. Part of this is being aware, and the other part is the act of doing what we know is best for us. Knowing what is good for our bodies, our families, and the Earth, and choosing natural options–organic foods, natural body-care products and clothing, and natural jewelry.

teak birch

Natural jewelry has been worn since the beginning of time. People would adorn themselves with flowers, shells, and nuts. It was the power of advertising done by diamond companies that sold the idea of forever to us, selling us expensive metals and stones. But we are starting to get back to our roots, to want what is real and of the Earth. Back to Nature. Now more than ever, we want to live simply again. But we want to do it with grace and beauty. We want to wear elements of the Earth–to feel connected with it, to help it, to fuel the Earth’s energy and our own. It is more of an exchange of energy, instead of taking without giving back. And that’s what Simply Wood Rings is here to provide–“Eco-conscious wood jewelry.”