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FREE Refinishing For Life!

Do all things with love.
-Og Mandino

We love the ephemeral character of wood and how it reminds us to be conscious of the natural world. As a consequence of the nature of the material, its important to be conscious of your wooden ring as well. We like that! Here at Simply Wood Rings we feel that caring for your ring provides a chance to consider what the ring symbolizes in your life.

Life can get crazy, so we’ve made it fairly easy to care for your ring by offering free refinishing until death do you part! The wear and tear of your ring will remove some of the water safe finish. We suggest that as soon as you see wear, you send us your rings. We will lovingly re-finish and polish them back to new! It’s as simple as that!

By caring for your ring you are nurturing the love that the ring was created to symbolize.

double recycled ring set

The wood inlay of these rings is actually their old rings!

NB – For a free refinish, we ask that the customer covers the cost of shipping.