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  • Oak wood ring with Brass inlay

    Quarter Sawn Oak Wood Ring with Brass Inlay

  • Bogwood and Oak Wood Ring with Paua Shell inlay

  • Maple with Diamond dust and Mother of Pearl

    Maple Wood Ring with Diamond Dust and Mother of Pearl Inlays

  • Birch Wood Ring with inlays of Rosewood and Sand

    Birch Wood Ring with Inlays of Rosewood and Sand

  • “The Turquoise” – Slim Bogwood, Oak, and Turquoise Wood Ring

  • Maple Wood Ring with Crossing Pink Mica Inlays

  • Quarter Sawn Oak Wood Ring

  • “Love is Now” Men’s Band – Walnut and Maple

    $335.00 $271.35
  • Cedar wood ring with Sand inlays

  • Ancient Kauri wood ring with black sand, rose stems, and beach plastic inlays

    Beechwood and Ancient Kauri ring with Mixed Inlays

  • Maple wood ring with Lapis Lazuli inlay

    $325.00 $263.25
  • Salvaged Oak with Turquoise and Malachite (Large)

    $325.00 $263.25