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Jay Leno Loves Simply Wood Rings

One of Jay Leno’s Favorite Things.

… well, sort of. He may have been making a crack about wooden wedding rings, but we know he wouldn’t have mentioned us specifically on national television if he didn’t care. It’s okay to admit that you love the eco-conscious jewelry creations of yours truly, Jay – no one here will judge you. Actually, we believe that the fact Mr. Leno even made several ‘environmental’ jokes indicates a prominent and persistent awareness of and necessity for positive change. The more extreme and sometimes ill-received image of the enlightened college students who protest the production and sale of high emission vehicles or the gung-ho environmentalists who chain themselves to death-sentenced oaks are giving way in the minds of most consumers to the idea that small changes, like recycling all those soda cans that pile up as a result of your syrup and caffeine addiction (guilty as charged!) for example, can make big differences. We’re happy to be the butt of the joke if it contributes to this awareness. In fact, we were even inspired by Jay’s little rib-tickler to offer a T-shirt design that’s been in mind for some time…

– Sarah