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Limited Edition Birthflower Pendants

          Our second series of Limited Edition pendants is here! We were so inspired by the beautiful flowers we collected and dried for the Birth Flower Mother's Ring that we decided to create a limited run of laser-cut pendants with a hand drawn design of each birth flower (that part is customizable 😊). We're creating twenty pendants that are each signed and numbered on the back and packaged with recycled material. 

The thing that makes these pendants so special is the salvaged rosewood we use to create them. Our rosewood items are some of our best sellers because the rich, warm color and unique, creamy/ombre grain pattern looks great with nearly (if not) all inlay options available. The rosewood we use comes from the now closed Deagan Xylophone and Marimba factory in Chicago. Your custom made piece of jewelry was most likely once a xylophone or marimba key. Salvaging material is the most rewarding part of Simply Wood Rings because we can create something truly special that carries layers of history and meaning. 

J. C. Deagan developed an interest in the science of sound after attending lectures in London given by a well-known German physicist. Deagan experimented with sound extensively following this and while working in the United States servicing musical instruments. He later founded a company, starting out as a one-man operation in St. Louis, MO that grew to a full-scale facility in Chicago, IL. The Deagan company was actually the entity that pressured the American Federation of Musicians to adopt a standardized pitch for orchestras and bands and thus setting in motion the development of  worldwide standardization of pitch and tuning instruments (which Deagan invented and supplied for research and regulation purposes). For years, J. C. Deagan was a member on the board of curators for the Field Museum and a charter member of the American Federation of Musicians and a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Physical Society, American Acoustical Society, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and the J. C. Deagan Astronomical Society (named in his honor), of Riverside, Calif. 

Model 52B Masterpiece Marimba from the Deagan Resource online.

Deagan Badge c/o the Deagan Resource Pinterest

Limited Edition pendants offer us a space to play with ideas and designs and offer you a token-size version of SWR. We think they work well as last minute gifts, emblems of friendship/love, or simply as a treat for your self (i.e. what to do with your tax returns).

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Rosewood pendant with rose design
rosewood pendant with aster design
Rosewood pendant with lily of the valley design
rosewood pendant with violet flower design