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Sustainbly Chic | “From Tree to Ring | Eco-Conscious Wood Jewelry To Treasure For Life” | http://www.sustainably-chic.com/blog/from-tree-to-ring-eco-conscious-wood-jewelry-to-treasure-for-life-simplywoodrings?rq=simply%20wood%20rings

American Craft Council | “Around Life’s Curves” | March 2017 | https://craftcouncil.org/magazine/article/around-lifes-curves

Destin Bay House Blog | “Eco-Friendly Wedding Tips” | http://www.destinbayhouse.com/2017/04/19/eco-friendly-wedding-tips/

Ed & Eileen Photography Journal | “Vendor Highlight: Simply Wood Rings” | http://edandaileen.com/2016/07/vendor-highlight-simply-wood-rings/

Manifest Media | “Simply Wood Rings : Behind the Scenes” | http://www.manifestmedia.de/simplywood/

Coolmaterial Blog | “8 Alternatives to the Classic Wedding Band” | http://coolmaterial.com/feature/8-alternatives-to-the-classic-wedding-band/

The Green Mama | “Simply Wood Rings” | http://thegreenmama.com/ratings/simply-wood-rings/

Love You Tomorrow | “Simply Wood Rings in the Spotlight” | http://loveyoutomorrow.com/simply-wood-rings-in-the-spotlight/

Megan Saul Photography Journal | “CHICAGO ARTISTIC WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER • THE NOTWEDDING CHICAGO 2014” | http://megansaul.com/2014/09/chicago-artistic-wedding-photographer-the-notwedding-chicago-2014/

Ruffled Blog | “The Not Wedding Chicago” | http://ruffledblog.com/the-notwedding-chicago/

Green Wedding Alliance | “Celebrating Simply Wood Rings’ (almost) 10th Anniversary” | http://greenweddingalliance.com/celebrating-simply-wood-rings-almost-10th-anniversary/

Gussied Band Blog | “A wedding to crash” | http://www.gussiedband.com/blog/2014/9/16/the-not-wedding

Ruffled Blog | “Woodland Wedding in the Big Sur Redwoods” | http://ruffledblog.com/woodland-wedding-in-the-big-sur-redwoods/

The Pretty Blog | “Chris & Erin’s Pastel Farm Wedding” | https://www.theprettyblog.com/wedding/pastel-farm-wedding-wrightsville-pennsylvania/

Black Sheep Bride | “Wedding Rings that Give Back” | https://blacksheepbride.com/tag/wedding-rings-that-give-back/

Let’s Be Fair Blog | “Wedding Rings for the Thoughtful Bride” | http://www.letsbefairblog.com/my-blog/2014/05/wedding-rings.html

Darling Cashmere | “Simply Wood Rings” | http://darlingcashmere.blogspot.com/search?q=simply+wood+rings

Woodworking Network | “With Luxe Wood Wedding Rings Couples Make a Statement” | http://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/management/sophisticated-wooden-wedding-rings-help-couples-make-statement

Eversnap | “Top 5 Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings” | http://blog.eversnapapp.com/top-5-eco-friendly-rings/

Richmond Bride Magazine | “The Bride Wore Green” | http://richmondmagazine.com/bride/the-bride-wore-green-03-24-2010/

Daily Art Muse | “Gustav Reyes : Simply Wood Rings” | http://www.dailyartmuse.com/2010/01/22/gustav-reyes-simply-wood-rings/

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Melanie Swan Photography | “Green/Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring Ideas” | http://www.melanieswanphoto.com/2009/06/green-eco-friendly-wedding-rings/

Elle Adore | “Mariage Etique: Mariez-Vous en Vert” | https://www.elleadore.com/article/mariage-ethique-mariez-vous-en-vert-10029

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Penguin & Fish | Artist : Gustav Reyes, Simply Wood Rings | http://penguinandfish.blogspot.com/2007/09/artitst-gustav-reyes-simply-wood-rings.html

Simply Wood Rings is an acclaimed wood wedding ring company that has been written about in The New York Times, the Knot wedding magazine, and even on Jay Leno. The reason we come so well recommended is because we care deeply about what we do. We see the craft and production of wooden rings as an art form and an ability to connect with the love and hope that people have for each other. Take a look through some of these articles to see what people are saying about us. You can also read what our own customers have reviewed on our Facebook page and on Google. We have been handcrafting wooden rings for 11 years. Our rings are designed by an artist who cares about the environment, made and supported by other creatives who care so much about what they do. It’s our mission to source materials and do business in an ethical manner in every way we can, like using lumber sourced from Horigan Urban Forestry, and using a green hosting service for our website. Simply Wood Rings handcrafts wooden wedding and engagement rings, in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, from salvaged wood and other sustainable materials.
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