Birthwood Pendant

  • Salvaged Elm Wood Birthflower Pendant


Simply Wood Rings Birthwood pendant is a unique alternative to birthstone jewelry. these wooden pendants perfectly compliment wooden rings or can be worn alone as a special reminder of a lover or your own power and strength. The meaning of each element is derived from ancient Celtic traditions and Native American lore. The Tree has been a symbol for humans throughout our time, spanning histories, geographies, religions and mythologies. It is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all life, reaching out to the sky with its branches and down into the Earth with its roots. Staying true to these ancient ideas we have created Birthwood Pendants paired with birthstones, to represent the “gift of the present moment”. Each pendant has a base of Mahogany wood with an inlay of each month’s Birthwood and Birthstone. We chose mahogany because it of it’s strength & beauty. Our Mahogany is salvaged from local artisans & craftsman who no longer can use the small pieces. We wanted to continue to honor the material instead of it going to waste.