Men's Wood Rings

  • Koa Maple Paua

    “Coastal Waters” | Koa wood, Maple liner and Paua shell inlay

  • Oak Wedding Ring

  • Walnut Wood Ring with Maple Liner

    “Love is Now” | Walnut and Maple Wedding Band

  • Beechwood ring with Malachite Infinity Inlay

    “Infinity” | Beechwood Ring

  • Bogwood wooden wedding ring

    “The Bogwood” | Bogwood with Oak ring

  • Rosewood Wedding Band

    Salvaged Rosewood Ring

  • Hackberry and Rosewood Wood Ring

    Hackberry and Rosewood Wood Ring

  • Young at Heart- Yin

    “Young at Heart” | Dark Bogwood and Oak Ring (Yin)

  • Oak Wood RIng with Bogwood Inlay

    “Young at Heart” | Light Bogwood and Oak ring (Yang)

  • Ancient Kauri Wood Ring with Birch Liner

    Ancient Kauri Wood Ring

  • Seashore's Muse Rosewood and Mother of Pearl Ring

    “Seashore’s Muse” | Rosewood & Mother of Pearl Ring

  • Breaking Traditions

    “Breaking Traditions” | Mahogany and Maple Wood Band

  • “The Turquoise” | Bogwood, Oak & Crushed Turquoise Wood Ring

  • Mahogany Wood Wedding Ring

    Mahogany Wood Wedding Ring

  • Incorruptible _ Teak Wood Ring with Birch Liner

    “Incorruptible” | Teakwood Ring

  • Zebrawood Wedding Ring

    Sahara Zebrawood Ring


Our men’s wood rings are a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative to metal. Our sustainable wooden men’s rings are designed by an artist and crafted by creatives who are dedicated to providing environmentally conscious commitment jewelry. It is our mission to source materials and do business in an ethical manner in every way we can. For example, when we do purchase lumbar we source from Horigan Urban Forestry. We also use a green hosting service for our website. Our wood rings can only be made one at a time, by an artisan’s hand. We don’t use metal to reinforce the wood. The wood in each ring is manipulated only to the extent that it is capable of being manipulated. The integrity of your ring is never compromised: our process works with nature’s engineering and not against it. For more information read about our wooden rings or browse our blog. We welcome custom orders. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we would love to work with you to design and craft a unique wooden ring.