• Koa Maple Paua

    “Coastal Waters” | Koa wood, Maple liner and Paua shell inlay

  • Cypress Tear Drop Ring with Mixed Stone Inlay

    $385.00 $346.50
  • Kauri Ring with a Birch Liner, Bogwood Square, and Sand Inlay

    $455.00 $409.50
  • Walnut Wood Ring with Maple Liner

    “Love is Now” | Walnut and Maple Wedding Band

  • Nuts About You Walnut Wood Ring

    “Nuts About You” | Walnut Wood Engagement Ring

  • Young at Heart- Yin

    “Young at Heart” | Dark Bogwood and Oak Ring (Yin)

  • Oak Wood RIng with Bogwood Inlay

    “Young at Heart” | Light Bogwood and Oak ring (Yang)

  • Breaking Traditions

    “Breaking Traditions” | Mahogany and Maple Wood Band

  • Mahogany Wood Engagement Ring with Elemental Stone Mix and Maple Liner

    “Breaking Traditions” | Mahogany Engagement Wood Ring

  • Rosewood and Silver Engagement Ring

    “Sky Blue Harmony Ring” | Rosewood & Blue Topaz Engagement Ring