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Return to Nature

Return to Nature

While hiking, one of our customers from Austria lost his wooden ring in a waterfall. Rather than being upset about it, he thought it was a good place for it. The ring was returned to nature in a beautiful way. We are making a new ring for him, because his ring wasn’t lost, it just chose a new life.

This idea of being in a relationship with nature is one we like to focus on at Simply Wood Rings. We don’t want to take from the Earth, we instead want to work with the natural beauty that has been offered to us. While we create a wearable piece of jewelry that represents a bond between people, it is also allowing the Earth to be a part of that bond. It is about an exchange. An exchange between couples, customer and creator, person and Earth.

While we invite our customers to become a part of the process, the rings we create become a part of their lives. We respect the trees for cleaning our air, providing us with shelter, warmth, and food. Let us give thanks to the trees!

Our Eco-friendly rings can symbolize new beginnings and new life. Be grounded with the Earth, and put down your roots. Become a part of the process with us: