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Send Your Materials And We Will Use Them To Make Your Ring

Did you know that you can give us your own materials to create your ring? Yea, really! If there’s an old tree that you grew up with, a rock you found on a hike, or maybe even a baseball bat. Send it to us, we’ll make a ring for you!

Josh Phillips

We find that using provided materials is always a nice surprise. Each piece of wood is different, and special. It’s exciting to see how it turns out!


We don’t need too much material to make a ring, if you have a piece that is 2″ by 2″ by 12″, with the grain of the wood running the longest length, that is enough for us to make a ring!

baseball bat

For inlays we need a piece that is roughly a pen blank, or a table spoon, depending on the material.

oak and more

So let us know what you have to use for your ring!