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Shot gun, Bang!

Rosewood band with shot gun shell inlay

Rosewood band with shot gun shell inlay

Yes! It’s true! We inlayed a shot gun shell casing into a ring! Why, you ask? Our dear customer’s father was a fallen soldier. After the honorary twenty-one gun salute at his funeral, one of the casings was picked up as a remembrance.

The ring will be a surprise wedding ring for the son of the Veteran from his loving wife-to-be! How beautiful! Not only will it be a symbol of the couples commitment to each other but also, a reminder of the sacrifices we must make and the courage it takes to do so!

an ocean of love

An Ocean of Love Ring Teak with Birch liner with plastic samples (from the Pacific Ocean) and various crushed stones.

Land before Time Ring Padauk
Land before Time Ring Padauk with Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite inlay

Here at Simply Wood Rings, we’ve inlayed many interesting objects into our customer’s rings. A marine biologist studying the effects of plastic on sea life wanted to incorporate plastic into her ring! A man who believed the essence of a being is contained in the hair had us inlay his own hair in the form of a dread lock! We’ve inlayed dinosaur bone, provided stones, flowers, sand from around the world, meteorite, wood, crystals, and even glitter! The possibilities are truly endless!

Being able to provide customers with objects that are with meaning that will comfort, encourage and honor their love is an opportunity we’ll never take for granted!

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 ring set

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