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Bagpipe: A Love Story (African Blackwood & Stainless Steel Wedding Band)

African Blackwood with Stainless Steel

This ring is made of the wood of a bagpipe key, brought in by a couple with a particularly sweet story. Both police officers, yet strangers to each other, they found themselves at a ceremony for fallen members of the force in Washington, D.C. For it, he performed on a bagpipe, and she watched. When afterwards they struck up a conversation, they discovered that they both lived and worked in Chicago: one from the Northside (Go Cubs!) and Southside (Go Sox!); but they had never met in their own city.

Returning to Chicago, they fell in love, and by and by they came to us for his wedding band. Gustav, always looking to make custom rings as meaningful as possible, asked whether they could get a broken bagpipe pipe. They found one at the local music shop: a vintage one made of African Blackwood and ivory.

Custom ring made of vintage bagpipe key

Cesar, captain of the shop and all that is good in the world, sliced a bit off, and sanded it until it was ready to be wrapped. The result is slick and classy and rich. We can’t wait to show it off to the happy couple.