We would love you to fill out this form and help us tell your story. You may be featured on our social media (Facebook or Instagram) or our blog. We really appreciate our customers and would like to share your love for each other with the world. It is so important that your stories get told. The wooden rings we craft for you are a narrative in their own right. A lot of our customers give us provided wood and we use this to create truly unique pieces. We also use other, unique, materials to inlay into wooden rings. Some examples of that are: hair, ashes, beach glass, wood from childhood trees or homes, sand from important beaches, coffee, wine cork, poetry, love notes, and many more. We use salvaged and sustainable materials, sourced in an ecologically responsible fashion, and we treat each handcrafted ring with artisanal care. Conventional wedding rings have an environmental and social impact that we don’t always consider. We are taught that “a diamond is forever,” but a wooden wedding ring highlights the present moment. We are committed to living lower-impact lives, doing business ethically, and honoring art, love, and thought every day. Human connection is about evolving and sharing life’s important moments with each other. Let us work with you to create a meaningful piece of socially and environmentally-conscious art that represents your romantic connection and shared values. Each ring is handmade in our studio, here in Chicago, Illinois. Our mission is to reduce global waste by creating responsibly-sourced wood rings to last a lifetime. We are committed to celebrating the beauty in every piece of wood we work with. Engage honestly, sustainably, and naturally with Simply Wood Rings.Simply Wood Rings handcrafts wooden wedding and engagement rings, in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, from salvaged wood and other sustainable materials.

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