Here are a few of the warm-hearted and thoughtful responses we have received from some beautiful customers.

padauk wood ring
Laura Good

  Harris 6/7/17

I got the ring, first the holder for it is simply the best, I love it. Secondly, the pictures on the website do not do this ring justice. I thought it looked fantastic on the web page, but holding it in my own hand it is absolutely beautiful. One of my workmates recommended you guys and my God the work is what everyone aspires to. Thank you very much for such a beautiful ring that my soon to be fiancee will have in a couple of weeks.


Amparo 7/5/15

Thank you, so much for creating such beautiful, meaningful, impactful rings for us (and for everyone!!). This ring went through a long journey and many iterations to get to me, but it was so worth it. I cried when I put it on. I’m tearing up again, thinking about that moment and what this ring means for me…And how perfect it feels on my finger. Thank you. 

Suzie & NicheKemper & Christy

Jamie 2/11/14

I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work. Your work is absolutely beautiful and it made our Christmas really special. A big shout out to Allison, for her incredible customer service. Thank you TONS! It is rare to see this kind of business practiced these days. I am so thankful. 


Kim 11/7/16

The ring is beautiful and fits perfectly!! Thanks for making something so special that will be treasured for many years to come. What a testament to our love of our land and the effort you all made to enhance its importance to us. Thank you again!!


Jamie D. 11/20/15

Thank you so much for the rings–I love that not another single person on planet earth has one like it, and love EVEN more that the parts and creation of this ring were as sustainable as possible.

Salvaged Silver Wood Rings in a Balloon Abigail and Lisa Bond

Laura 5/20/14

My wife and I got married last week and saw our rings for the first time. They are so perfect! The craftsmanship is stunning and the provenance of the different woods tells a personal story about us as a couple that is really meaningful. We both love our new wood rings! Thank you so much for working with us and helping me to find just the right combination of wood and accent materials! I wasn’t sure how to get the gold highlight for my inlay and you came up with the perfect idea of birds-eye maple + gold leaf. I love it!


Martin 3/13/14

Just wanted to let you know that I received the rings back this morning and they look FANTASTIC!!!…I just wanted to say that I could not be more pleased with the work on the rings, but just as important is your quality of customer service. My wife and I really appreciate the communication and all of the help that all of you at Simply Wood Rings have given us…We get a lot of questions about our rings when we meet new people, because they are so unique and I always spread a good word about your company whenever I get a chance. Thanks again!!!


Steve 2/11/14

Just to let you know, the rings arrived safe and sound, and wow. Thank you so much! They fit perfectly and we are so happy. Even if the wedding day is a disaster I won’t care, because we’ll have these. They turned out better than we could have imagined and might just be the best thing we’ve ever gotten for one another.

Womens hands wearing a wooden wedding ring by Simply Wood Rings Adam Wickline

Bob & Yvette 4/26/16

Just a quick note of sincerest thanks for refinishing our rings. They look amazing! We love our rings and are glad to have them back. We’ll continue to sing your praises and point people your way as they ask about our rings, which people always do!


Kemper 8/26/16

We received our rings and are very impressed — so beautiful! Thank you for being so easy to work with and for making this part of our wedding extra special.


Heather 8/27/09

We received the wooden ring in the mail today and Jared can’t believe how awesome it looks! He said he’s not going to wear it in the hot tub again!!! Thanks so much, for fixing it, he absolutely loves it!!

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Wooden rings reconnect us to the natural world. Your ring is strong, beautiful, and wonderfully natural: just like you. We are committed to helping you achieve joy by living lower-impact lives, doing business ethically, and honoring art and love every day.