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These are a few of my favorite RINGS!

Wedding season is right around the corner, and a lot of people out there are getting to work designing their wedding bands. But with all of those options out there, what is the right set for you? Do you stick to something traditional? Simply? Do both rings have to match? To help you think of a few idea’s we thought we would share with you some of our favorite wedding bands.


First there are the matching sets.  A classic and beautiful idea, if the two of you can decide on something you both will want to wear!

david w

xiomara nicky


walnut silver

Some people like to take the more free and fun route. They prefer to create rings that says something about them selves, but with a unifying idea or material between the two rings.

micah and mary

tim henze

custom inlay ring

Osage Breaking traditions

But no matter what you decide to do, we know you will create some rings you love!

kauri meteorite dino ring