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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Instagram Accounts We Love!

In our culture, Instagram is one of the top ways to connect with others and see what is out there in the world. Instagram currently has over 300 million users, crazy right? I’m sure you have an Instagram account, but if not, go get yourself one because we have a list of Instagram accounts you should definitely be following (not to mention our account, @simplywoodrings) ! We adore Eco-friendly businesses and products, since we are an Eco-friendly business ourselves. Every product out there has an impact on the world, and we love products that care about our planet as much as we do. Here is our list of the 5 Eco-friendly, sustainable Instagram accounts you need to follow now.

      1. Canned Goods Co. @cannedgoodsco

      This business is based in Denver, and they turn tin cans into jewelry. Furthermore, they provide one can of food to a reputable charity through a program called Can Do Good. How much cooler could they be? Their designs are amazing and range from earrings to bracelets. Their company motto is “I Can Do Good, You Can Do Good, We Can Do Good Together”. 

      2. Coffee Sock @coffeesock

      We are all avid coffee drinkers at the shop, so this one was an obvious choice. Coffee Sock provides reusable coffee filters, that are made of organic cotton and by people making a fair wage. It is a family based company from Austin, Texas, which is totally awesome in our opinion. Their Instagram account is comprised of artfully curated photos that really make us want a cup of coffee when we look at them.

      3. Razimus Jewelry @razimusjewelry

      This Instagram is extremely colorful and full of life because all the products are made of the most beautiful, colorful fabrics. The company makes jewelry wrapped in Eco-friendly fabrics, while all the fabrics are either vintage or organic and plant dyed. The mission of the company gives new life to old fabrics and supports the production of organic fabric in the world. Also the jewelry is amazing.

      4. Purusha People @purushapeople

      Purusha People is for all you yogis out there. This line of yoga clothing is so fun and looks like it would be extremely comfortable to work out in, or just sit on the couch in. They take pride in sourcing the most organic and softest fibers possible, using non-toxic water based inks and low impact dyes, and paying workers a livable wage locally in Los Angeles. The photography on their page is gorgeous and very aesthetically pleasing. Definitely make sure to check out their sparkly purple amethyst goddess leggings. They also sell baby leggings!

      5. Sons of Sawdust @sonsofsawdust

      This team of brothers has a super inspiring story of resilience and strength when times were hard for them. They created their business at a time when nothing seemed possible for either of them, but they made something out of nothing. They use reclaimed wood and make beautiful furniture and items out of it. You should definitely follow their Instagram and visit their website to read the entire story of how they came to be, I don’t want to ruin it for you.