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Top Ten Reasons Why Simply Wood Rings is Simply the Best

1. We are committed to using recycled and salvaged woods to avoid forestation!

We collect wood from all types of sources. Either the wood is destined for landfills or has been processed by an equally conscientious company! We’ve gotten old xylophone keys, marimbas and fret boards, scraps from other wood workers and cabinetry makers and even wood from an awesome company, Horigan Lumber, who saves trees from being turned into mulch and makes them usable lumber!

2. We are a small company that prides itself on craftsmanship and honest business practices.

Our rings are made to order especially for you! It takes around 6-8 weeks to create a ring and we put the most love and care into crafting your special object. 

3. We make incredibly beautiful and strong wooden rings!

The founder of SWR, Gustav, developed a technique for creating the rings that mimics the traditional wood working technique of lamination. Thin strips of wood are wrapped into a ring form so each ring has an average of 12 layers of wood with grain that runs along the ring rather than across it. Needless to say, breakage has only occurred by a dog chomping on the ring or a car running it over!

4. We offer FREE refinishing! (+ the cost of shipping).

We whip your ring back to shape if it begins to show ware. We only ask that you pay for shipping. For more information visit our refinishing page! 

5. We work with you to create designs that reflect your unique personality! 

We incorporate heirloom rings and stones, customer provided woods, all types of stones, flowers, meteorite, dino bone and even a dreadlock! 

6. You can visit our shop and pick out your own wood! 

Our shop is located in Chicago in a large warehouse in the Pilsen neighborhood. Stop by and see the rings in person and see where all the magic happens! 

7. Wood has an incredible energy!

A tree is like a time capsule, it records it’s own life events within each layer. When you wear a wood ring, its almost as if it tells its life story.

8. Stand out of the crowd with a non-traditional alternative!

Have a metal allergy or like to avoid convention? A wooden ring rejects all the conventional constructs of the wedding industry. Be a salmon! Swim against the current!

9. They’re inexpensive!

Compared to the status quo of spending up to three times your monthly income on an engagement ring, spend less and go on an awesome honeymoon! Or build a house! Or start a family! Your wallet (and honey) will thank you!

10. We guarantee you WILL be best friends with Allison our customer liaison!

There’s no doubt about it Allison is top notch! She’ll go out of her way to take care of you! (One customer even exclaimed “I love you Allison! But don’t tell my fiancé!”).