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Helpful Tips For Making Your Wedding Or Engagement Ring Last Longer

We love all types of rings, but one of the reasons we create and love wood rings is the fact that they don't last forever. Part of our philosophy is to be in the present moment and live for the now. When you take off your wood ring and take a moment to reflect on the fact that it doesn't last forever, it creates a moment of zen. We only have what is in front of us, and we can't promise forever about anything. Even metal rings and diamonds don't necessarily promise forever. A wooden ring has an ephemeral nature to it, which we really appreciate because it reflects back on human existence. Taking care of what is in front of us at the moment and having a mindful existence is one of the most powerful things we can give ourselves in life, and wooden rings reminds us of that. Fortunately there are ways to make your wood ring last longer! We created a list of activities that aren't the best for any type of ring to help inform you of when you should take off your rings!

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Activites that could harm your wedding or engagement ring

  • Washing your hands, dishes, or showering
There are many reasons you should take your wedding or engagement ring off when submerging your hands in water. First of all, soap that is used in such activities leaves a residue on most things. With metal rings, the residue can change the color of the metal and create a tarnish, or just dull the ring in general. Soap residue also affects any stones that are set in rings. The stone will not look as bright over time and will also have a film of residue coating it. The way water and soap affect a metal ring is the same way it would affect a wooden ring. With  a wooden ring, the finish would start to wear off over time and the soap would leave a residue as well. Of course the occasional hand washing or shower is fine for both materials, but you want to be diligent about taking off your rings. 

  • Getting in a swimming pool or any body of water 
In a swimming pool, all of the chlorine will affect a ring no matter what material it is made from. Chemicals like chlorine can severely damage a metal or wooden ring. Also when you submerge yourself in any body of water, if the water is colder than your body temperature your fingers can shrink in size, potentially causing your ring to fall off. 

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  • Working out or playing sports
Anytime your body heats up and you are using your hands to grip something, you run the risk of bending your metal ring. Most fine metals are pretty soft and malleable, so it is possible to change the shape of the ring during these activities which could also change the setting in which your stone is set. When a stone setting gets moved out of place, it makes the stone more liable to fall out over time. A wooden ring shape wouldn't be affected by working out but sweating while wearing it could affect the finish and dull it over time. 

  • Using household cleaners 
It goes without saying that when you put metal or wood in chemicals or any sort, it will inevitably mess up the ring in some way. For metal it can drastically change the color and could create a totally different looking ring. Most cleaners have ammonia and bleach in them, which is bad for any type of metal. For wood rings, same thing applies. It can change the color or wear off the finish that is put on a wood ring. If you have a stone in the ring, it can really dull the appearance of that stone as well.

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