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What wood ring will you create?

With all of the options we have for our rings, it’s hard to try and decide which ring will be the best for you. Firstly, you need to decide which wood is the right wood.

ring hand

We have lots of different kinds of wood, and at times out inventory my vary. Local options are always pretty abundant though!

Lovely walnut

Lovely walnut! We love walnut, whether it’s light or walnut dark walnut. Walnut always seems to have a really rich color, and a good grain.

Or there's Cherry david

Or there’s Cherry, this warm and light colored wood goes great with an inlay.

juniper and olive

If you like something a bit more dark and red, try Juniper heart wood!

old rings

Or maybe you would choose oak. With such history and symbolism, who couldn’t love the meaning and beauty behind oak.

The local woods we have here are great. Some people, however, seem to resonate more with a foreign or exotic wood. When we do get our wood, especially our exotic wood, we do our best to make sure the wood is recycled, or from a reputable source. And here are some of our favorites!

Tennika Smith

This bright beautiful red wood is really one of a kind! The color alone speaks for it’s self.

bright beautiful red wood

bright beautiful red wood

Light bogwood, dark bogwood, maybe a little of both? This ancient oak from Ireland is a wonderful wood that will make a beautiful and meaning full ring full of history!


How about something with more of a natural contrast? Zebra wood should do the trick! Every ring is different, and every ring is beautiful.

kauri meteorite dino

Oak may have a lot of history, but not as much as this Ancient Kauri wood. This wood is 50,000 years old! The grain is like no other, the wood even has a bit of a shimmer to it.

rosewood amethyst

Rosewood, is probably our most popular wood by far. All of our rosewood comes from old and recycled xylophone keys. If you’re a music lover, and like a darker richer wood, you should consider getting a rosewood ring.

rosewood ring

Finally, there are the random, donated scrap wood pieces. Some we can identify, some we can’t. So if you are looking for something really unique, that you didn’t see here, why don’t you give us a call! 312-590-6070