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Wood Ring Tales – Amy and Will

In this edition of Wooden Tales, we are featuring Amy and Will Cadena. These custom rings we made for Amy and Will are some of our favorite because we love the colors of the glass and the fact that they incorporated glass from their wedding ceremony. They also provided us with some amazing videos from their engagement and wedding ceremony! Here is their story and videos!

“We knew each other for about 8 years before we started dating. We worked for the same company, and did NOT get along. He traveled a lot, and after one of his trips, we ran into one another on a job and started talking. We became friends and the friendship quickly developed into more. Our first date was 2 days before Valentines day, where I happened to mention I wanted a tattoo of my favorite flower, a purple daisy. That Monday (Valentines Day), I was surprised at work with a beautiful bouquet of purple daisies. Yup, you guessed it, I was HOOKED! After dating for about 3 1/2 years, we got engaged. He proposed in front of our closest friends and family at a vineyard. He sat us all down to take group picture (he's a photographer), then had our dog run to me, wearing the ring on his collar. When I looked up, he was in front of me, on one knee. I was completely surprised! We couldn't wait to start our lives together, and 6 months later we were married!

About the glass...I am Jewish, and Will is Catholic. Neither one of us come from a religious family, but we both are "spiritual" and while we didn't want a religious ceremony, we did want to include some traditions from both religions. At the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony, the groom breaks a glass. This has a few meanings and the reason we included the tradition in our ceremony was it is meant to remind us that marriage is as fragile as glass, and to demonstrate how life is so fragile that the couple should enjoy every day as if it were their last together. While some just use a lightbulb or wine glass, Will and I chose to buy a special piece of glass that we could then use after the wedding. We chose that specific glass because the colors were a combination of our favorite colors, and even though it was in a cloth during the ceremony so nobody saw it, it also happened to match our wedding colors.

Again, Thank you for your beautiful work, we are SO HAPPY with the rings, we love wearing them, and telling people all about what they mean and where we got them! “

Engagement Video

Wedding Video