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Wooden Rings

With just the normal care any fine piece of jewelry is given and some furniture wax. I handcraft every ring to bring out the warmth and honesty of the wood. Each ring is hand formed from wood chosen for its grain and durability. learning how to make a wooden rings has been a rewarding process of discovery which for me continues to this day. I have learned that the wood which is chosen carries more than just its physical traits but more than that the wood carries deeper meaning. Take white oak for example, sacred to the druids and the Greeks, the oak is a tree of strength, protection and durability. It represents inner fire, courage and nobility of spirit. The birch symbolizes birth and new beginnings. The Birch is feminine in nature and is used for protection, purification.

Your one of akind wooden ring will give you the warmth of knowing that the true value of a fine piece of handcrafted jewelry is knowing how much meaning it has.

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