Tier One : Free Refinishing

Tier 1: Refinishing


Is your ring’s finish starting to show some wear? We’d be happy to refinish it for you!

We recommend that rings be refinished annually. For solid wood rings, we offer refinishing for only the cost of shipping; for metal-incorporated rings*, we charge a small fee due to associated labor costs.

Most rings will take about 2-3 weeks to refinish, depending on our shop’s workload it may take a little longer!

Please send the ring or rings to us in a secured, padded package. Using a hard-sided box (like the one we provided in the original order) will help protect the rings from the vagaries of shipping. Take care to include a note with your name, shipping address, and (if you have it) original order number and purchaser’s name. If there is wood burning, please note what it says, as we may have to re-do it, depending on the ring’s condition.

Send the package to:

Simply Wood Rings
1500 S. Western Ave.
Suite 5AS2
Chicago, IL 60608

We recommend insurance and tracking. UPS and FedEx have been most reliable, in our experience.