Tier 2: Repair and Rings with Settings Refinishing


Add this to the cart, we can patch superficial damage (affecting less than a ¼ of the width of the ring’s depth), and renew the refinish.
This tier also includes refinishing and superficial repair for prong, bezel, and precious metal setting rings.*
This can be done in 2-3 weeks, depending on our workload.

Please send your ring to the following address in secure packaging, and include a brief note that states name, phone number, address, and ring size:

Simply Wood Rings
953 W. 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608

NOTE: Please mail us your ring in secure packaging, a padded envelope or small box. We also recommend shipping with FedEx or UPS within the United States, as we can not be held responsible for poor mail service.
Please, DO NOT send it in a letter envelope. Too many rings have been lost this way.

*Because of the construction of our prong, bezel, and precious metal setting rings, refinishing takes a great deal more work.
For these rings, purchased after June 2014, we will ask that you select a “Second Tier” repair plan, in order to give us the time and resources necessary to protect and care for your ring in a sustainable way.
For those prong, bezel, and precious metal setting rings purchased June 2014 or prior, we will continue to honor our “free refinishing” policy for the life of the ring.