Mahogany and Birch Wood Ring with an Engagement style inlay of mixed stones

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Made with a Mahogany band with a birch liner, this ring is inlaid with a mixture of crushed stones, including Mother of Pearl, Coral, Malachite, Concrete and Sand.   Though it may mimic the traditional three-stone diamond ring, it uses very non-traditional materials.  Mahogany traditionally symbolizes strength and endurance – the  tree itself is said to be able to withstand lightning strikes.

Within the Celtic tradition, Birch is a symbol of renewal and a powerful metaphor for our lives, asking us to go deep within in order to expand, grow and take root in new soils.

The complex amalgamation of inlays combined with both the Mahogany and Birch ignite the power of the four elements — Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

Size 8.5

Width:  6mm tapered to 3mm

Profile:   Courting

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