Birthwood Pendant for January- Birch wood & Garnet inlay


Our Birthwood pendants are made from mahogany wood with inlays of each Month’s Birthwood and birthstone. We chose mahogany because it of it’s strength & beauty.
Our Mahogany is salvaged from local artisans & craftsman who no longer can use the small pieces.

Birch wood represents the Month of January. The birch tree is symbolic of rebirth and renewal.
Birch is one of the strongest woods. It has a capability to repopulate damaged areas and adapt to harsh conditions.
Birch has been used in the past for casts, once soaked in water and formed to a body part.

We’ve paired our pendant with garnet which is January’s birthstone.

Our birch is salvaged from local craftsman.

All Birthwood pendants take 2 weeks to create. Please contact us if you need earlier and we will try and accommodate your needs.

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