Salvaged Elm Wood Birthflower Pendant


Birthflowers are the lesser-known counterparts to birthstones; we chose to spotlight them to honor the nature of growth, softness, and rebirth.

The Elm tree is particular in that its flowers bloom in late winter and early spring, before leaves even appear on its branches. As the newest addition to our collection of eco-conscious salvaged wood jewelry, the Birthflower line of pendants celebrates the things that make us naturally unique – our urge to bloom and grow in our own ways.

Each of these laser-engraved salvaged Elm wood pendants bares the Birthflower for its respective month in simple and elegant detail. Inspired by scientific drawings of plants, the crisp line style takes us back to etchings and daguerrotypes of the past, fused together with our strength in the present and hopes for the future future. The earthy color of the Elm wood base recalls the yellowed pages of vintage textbooks and makes the perfect backdrop for the flower of your choice; a delicate statement of history, presence, and blossoming into you! Select yours from the drop-down below.

No tree is ever cut down for our products. Our Elm is sourced from sustainable lumber suppliers dedicated to urban forestry efforts in the Illinois area and saved from a future in a landfill by going home with you.
All Birthwood pendants take 2 weeks to create. Please contact us if you need earlier and we will do our best to accomodate your timeline needs.

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