“Young at Heart” | Bog Wood Rings Set


This set of Bog Wood rings represents the marriage of old & young, maturity & youthfulness, and the masculine & feminine.

The Bogwood is from White Oak trees that have been buried in the bogs of Europe and carbon dated 4,500 to 5,000 years old.
Two tones of Bog Oak compliment one another in this set: the darker tone, aged by the chemicals of the bog, and the lighter tone, taken from the center of the tree trunk. Together, they combine the preserved young heart of the tree with the outer wood that has been aged by the elements. Both rings are lined on the inside with modern Oak.

Ring 1 refers to the Dark Bogwood “Yin” ring (6mm)
Ring 2 refers to the Light Bogwood “Yang” ring (8mm)

**These rings can be made custom sizes, please note which sizes you would like for both the lighter and the darker rings in the comments box of your order**

*Rings take 5-6 weeks to create*
*Expediting is 3 weeks*


Inscription of important dates, special symbols, or a simple message burned into the wood ring. 26 characters maximum (including spaces). Available on ring sizes 6 and up.

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