“Coastal Waters” | Koa wood, Maple liner and Paua shell inlay


Koa wood is native to Hawaii, there is an ample amount on the Big Island. There was a time when only Hawaiian Monarchs were able to own this beautiful wood.
Koa is the Hawaiian word for warrior. While, paua is the Māori name given to the shells in the US known as abalone. These shells are commonly found along rocky shallow coasts.
There are many different species of abalone and their beautiful colored shells are considered as precious as prize gems in many parts of the world. Paua shell is traditionally used in many different applications from ritual to adornment and even as fishing lures. It is known among Maori people as a symbol for eyes as the window to the soul. We've paired the luminous koa wood with paua shell to denote strength, grace, and mystery.

We've added a Maple liner to this ring for contrast.

Width: 8mm
Inlay width: 2mm
Profile: Soft flat


*Rings take 5-6 weeks to create*
*Expediting is 3 weeks*


Inscription of important dates, special symbols, or a simple message burned into the wood ring. 26 characters maximum (including spaces). Available on ring sizes 6 and up.

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