“Seashore’s Muse” | Rosewood & Mother of Pearl Wood Ring Set


The Mother of Pearl has long since stood for innocence, integrity, truth, and sincerity. In various Asian cultures, Mother of Pearl is believed not only to bring wealth and abundance, but also to enhance prosperity and good luck.
The energy of the Rosewood is primarily feminine, intuitive, spiritual, motherly, and nourishing. It is most effective for spiritual healing and for creating abundance in love.

This Earth and Water element pairing makes for a powerful combination for the healthy beginnings of a deeply spiritual union and long solid journey between a couple.

These rings feature a 10 mm width for for a large presence!

Ring 1 refers to the ring with a Mother of Pearl inlay
Ring 2 refers to the plain rosewood band

If you'd just like the engagement ring, you can get it here!

*Rings take 5-6 weeks to create*
*Expediting is 3 weeks*

Our rings are made to the exact size of the wearer.  Our turnaround time is 6 weeks till the day we ship, if you need your ring sooner we may offer an expedited option that cuts that time in half to about 3 weeks.  To expedite your ring please choose that option while checking out.   If you need a ring immediately consider checking out our in-stock rings!
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