“Strength of Souls” | Oak wedding set


This “Strength of Souls” oak ring set features a mix of Malachite & Turquoise for the inlay.

Oak is a wood native to the Northern Hemisphere and represents strength and a noble spirit. Turquoise was found in many native burial sites of warriors throughout both North and South America–lending the stone symbolic qualities of leadership and strength. Malachite is associated with strong love and is believed to protect the wearer.

These materials converge to symbolize the strength of your love.

Ring 1 refers to the 6mm band with 2mm off center stone mix
Ring 2 refers to the 8mm band with 4mm centered stone mix


*Rings take 5-6 weeks to create*
*Expediting is 3 weeks*



Inscription of important dates, special symbols, or a simple message burned into the wood ring. 26 characters maximum (including spaces). Available on ring sizes 6 and up.

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