“Two Lovers and an Acorn” | Oak Wood Ring Set


“Two Lovers and an Acorn” Oak Wood Ring Set

The oak symbolizes strength, protection, and durability —representing inner fire, courage and nobility of spirit, — while the acorn is the life yet to be. The acorn, a seed from which life may spring forth, represents birth when given the necessary elements in which to thrive.
The combination of the oak and the acorn symbolize the birthing of a new union based on strength, stability, and longevity.

This set includes two oak rings and the little acorn.

Ring 1 refers to the 6mm oak band
Ring 2 refers to the 8mm oak band

If you’re looking for just one oak band, check it out here.

*Rings take 5-6 weeks to create*
*Expediting is 3 weeks*

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Optional Inscriptions

Our rings are made to the exact size of the wearer.  Our turnaround time is 6 weeks till the day we ship, if you need your ring sooner we may offer an expedited option that cuts that time in half to about 3 weeks.  To expedite your ring please choose that option while checking out.   If you need a ring immediately consider checking out our in-stock rings!

Inscription of important dates, special symbols, or a simple message burned into the wood ring. 26 characters maximum (including spaces). Available on ring sizes 6 and up. If you would like to add an inscription you can follow this link and add it to your cart.