“Young at Heart” | Light Bogwood and Oak ring (Yang)


The Young at Heart Yang ring represents the marriage of two halves, young & old, masculine & feminine. The “yang” ring in this set borrows its color and name from the light, masculine half of life. With this single ring, one can be mindful of the marriage of these opposing elements within each person. See the Yin ring. 

The Bog Oak is from White Oak trees that have been buried in the bogs of Europe and carbon dated 4,500 to 5,000 years old. Two tones of Bog Oak compliment one another in this ring: the darker tone, aged by the chemicals of the bog, and the lighter tone, taken from the center of the tree trunk. The ring is lined on the inside with modern Oak.

Inlay: 2mm off center
Profile: Soft flat

The width and profile are customizable. If you’d prefer to change them, please make a note in the notes section while ordering.
*Rings take 5-6 weeks to create*
*Expediting is 3 weeks*
Our rings are made to the exact size of the wearer.  Our turnaround time is 6 weeks till the day we ship, if you need your ring sooner we may offer an expedited option that cuts that time in half to about 3 weeks.  To expedite your ring please choose that option while checking out.   If you need a ring immediately consider checking out our in-stock rings!
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