Wood Wedding Ring by Simply Wood Rings

What wood your story be...

Let Simply Wood Rings help you tell it!  We believe that simple wood rings create a chance to celebrate life. We use materials sourced in an ecologically responsible fashion, and treat each wood ring with an artisan care. 

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  • Free Refinishing
  • Handcrafted in Chicago, USA
  • Eco-friendly Salvaged Materials
  • Free US Shipping *over $125
  • Incorporate your own materials
  • Customize your wood ring
Wood Wedding Rings in Chicago


Love is Now Wedding Set

Wood Ring Stories


Propose a challenge or a dream.  Tell a story.

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Make an impact with less impact

Conventional wedding rings have an environmental and social impact that may not alway be considered, because we are taught  “a diamond is forever,” but a wood wedding ring shows us the present moment.

 We are committed to living lower-impact lives, doing business ethically, and honoring art, love, and thought every day.

Watch our video

Whole Foods and Dark Rye put together a video profiling us

Simply Wood Rings is a local business in Chicago that allows their customers to create unique wooden wedding rings made of wood and other materials. These rings create an awareness of the present, and of life on Earth: precious, but not everlasting. Watch the video and learn more about what makes us tick.

Tell Your Story.

Human connections are about evolving alongside one another, sharing what is most important to each. Let us work with you to create a meaningful piece of socially- and environmentally-conscious art, to represent romantic connection and shared values. Each ring is handmade in our studio here in Chicago Il We find and celebrate the beauty in every grain of the wood. Make your engagement as special as you are.