Paua Shell and Kauri Wood Ring

"Coastal Waters" wedding band- Koa ring with Maple liner and Paua shell inlay

Eco-Conscious Wooden Wedding Rings

We use salvaged and sustainable materials, sourced in an ecologically responsible fashion, and we treat each handcrafted ring with artisanal care. 

Let us help you tell your story. 

  • Free Refinishing
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Eco-friendly Salvaged Materials
  • Customize a Unique Ring
  • FREE SHIPPING - US Priority - $125 Minimum Order
  • Incorporate your own materials

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We started the Birthwood line as a way to commemorate the symbolism of your growing family. This unique line is an inspirational blend of ancient mythology and contemporary culture that comes together to represent the individuals and moments that are most important to you. Birthwood rings and pendants are a perfect gift idea that illustrates the growth and cycle of life and love. 

What is your Birthwood ?

FREE US SHIPPING - $125 Minimum order

Fathers Ring with Birthwood

Father's Ring- Walnut with Hackberry and Cedar inlays

In-stock Rings

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Build Your Own Wood Ring

Use our custom wooden ring builder widget to customize your wooden ring.

Anatomy of a Wooden Ring

Customize from a List of Options

wooden ring with obsidian
  • Ring base choice of 6 different woods or provide your own
  • Inlay choice of 5 different salvaged wood or provided your own
  • Select wood ring width 4mm to 10mm
  • Select wood ring inlay width 1mm to 8mm centered or off center

Make an impact...with less impact

Conventional wedding rings have an environmental and social impact that we don't always consider. We are taught that “a diamond is forever,” but a wooden wedding ring highlights the present moment. 

We are committed to living lower-impact lives, doing business ethically, and honoring art, love, and thought every day.

Photo by Ed and Eileen

Rosewood engagement ring with mother of pearl and turquoise infinities

Coming Full-Circle

Whole Foods and Dark Rye put together a video profiling us. 

Tell Your Story.

Human connection is about evolving and sharing life's important moments with each other. Let us work with you to create a meaningful piece of socially and environmentally-conscious art that represents your romantic connection and shared values.

Each ring is handmade in our studio, here in Chicago, Illinois.

Our mission is to reduce global waste by creating responsibly-sourced wood rings to last a lifetime. We are committed to celebrating the beauty in every piece of wood we work with. 

Engage honestly, sustainably, and naturally with Simply Wood Rings.