New Year, New beginnings. Thank you for over a decade of beautiful stories.

A message from company founder, Gustav Reyes:  

  Over 14 years ago, I created Simply Wood Rings as an artist and father, having freshly stepped away from years of unfulfilling day-jobs and into bright new possibilities. I began with high hopes, looking to shift the paradigm in the jewelry industry by elevating wood to its rightful place as a precious material. In 2005, I started as the first person to post a wood ring on Etsy, shortly after the site’s inception. Each ring was produced in the basement of my family home, with me in my pajamas, looking towards the future. With each order, I was always in awe at how the close bond with customers blossomed – all the stories I was allowed into, and special treasures I was trusted with. As SWR has grown, in all its iterations, we have always strived to honor this connection; it has been the core value that drove our success. I am happy to look back on everything we have built, knowing that my lofty goals were surpassed. I’m so thankful to all of you, our customers, and to every present and former team member that has made this possible over the years.

  With the technical demands of small business and big data growing each day, I am reminded of who I am and how I started – as an artist and a father. With the New Year upon us and a fresh start ahead, I want to focus my energy on the things I love: my family, my craft, and my community. I am moving on to another venture that is near and dear to my heart, to create a non-profit where I can impart the joy of creativity, design, and craft to local youth here in Chicago. 

  Effective today, January 2nd, 2019, Simply Wood Rings is no longer accepting new orders.
  Production will continue on all current orders through 1/12/19, after which the company in its current iteration will be coming to a close.

  We cannot fully express our deep gratitude for your business and support over the years. It has been an absolute pleasure and the fulfillment of my life’s goals, to create art from a living source with my own hands for people to treasure as a symbol of meaningful relationships and love for one another.

*Update: The team behind Simply Wood Rings has always been passionate about the art and connections we create. Please look forward to updates from us as we are currently in discussions of passing on the torch to the team of artisans who have made SWR possible for so long. We hope that you will  support our endeavors in continuing SWR’s legacy. As things take new forms, Simply Wood Rings continues in mind, body, and spirit.

Please see our updated FAQ page to answers to questions you might have regarding the transition.

Thank you for engaging honestly, sustainably, and naturally with Simply Wood Rings.


We thank you for your interest in our hard work over the years – if you missed your chance to own one of our one-of-a-kind handcrafted wood rings,  in-stock rings are still available for purchase at a 50% discount from their standard price until we close our doors. All rings are sold as-is, no refunds or returns will be issued. Thank you!

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