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Discounts up to 30% OFF – The Fall Earlybird Sale is Here!!

Discounts up to 30% off at Simply Wood Rings!

Fall feels like it just started… or is it almost over? It’s honestly hard to tell for us here, as the windy city does what it wants when it comes to the weather. Surely you’ve heard the jokes about “seasons” being non-existent in the midwest, but with the Halloween decor in the clearance bins and the streets glowing with holiday string lights, it’s clear to see that gifting season is in full swing. And guess what! We’re in the mood for some sustainable giving of the wood ring variety… and that means discounts galore!

So this year, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your eco-conscious loved one (and maybe that loved one is yourself!) then get ready for a THREE DAY 20% off sale, SITEWIDE November 18th-20th! Till then, we’re counting down with HUGE DISCOUNTS – every two days a different category of items will be discounted by 30%, so get in early for the best deals!

Here’s the schedule for this year’s advent calendar-style sale!

11/10-11/11 – 30% OFF BIRTHWOOD
11/12-13 –  30% OFF RING SETS
11/14-15 – 30% OFF SIMPLE WOOD BANDS

And to top it all off, CUSTOM WOOD RING ORDERS ARE 15% OFF NOW THRU 11/20!!
Just use coupon code BIRDY15 at checkout when using the Ring Builder or mention it on your commission form to unlock your savings!

Keep checking back for promocodes throughout the week and as always, feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Happy sustainable shopping, everyone!

*Valid only for wood rings, boxes, pendants, and accessories. Excludes custom orders, refinishing services, wood inscriptions, shipping and expediting fees
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Metal vs. Wood Rings: Why Materials Matter

A person using a tool to work on a piece of wood making a wood ring


Specialized Jewelry

When it comes time to celebrate a treasured life event, an equally meaningful representation is in order. At Simply Wood Rings, we practice a craft that has been revered through the ages, further infused with a very special story… yours.

Rings and other forms of jewelry have been ornamenting the human body since prehistoric times. The first known examples were fashioned from the talons of majestic birds, and date back a staggering 135,000 years. Other ancient materials used in ring and jewelry making included snail shells, egg shells, stone, and of course, wood.

Past civilizations that helped create gold’s popularity include the Varna civilization (Eastern Bulgaria), the Mesopotamian, and and the Egyptian culture. With various adaptions in jewelry design, these civilizations shaped the current perspective of gold around the world.

In a literal sense, one can say that metal jewelry is one of the “newer” fads in personal adornment.

Metal vs. Wood Rings

These days, many people believe that metal jewelry is the only option available, influenced by a multi-billion dollar advertising industry. The purveyors of precious metals insist that their product holds the singular language for expressing an amorous emotion. They also aim to sell a symbol standing for something that does not actually exist: permanence.

But obviously, love speaks in all tongues. At Simply Wood Rings, we believe that the best way to tell a love story is to tell your own. An artisan-crafted wood rings creates an alternative to the antiquated and impersonal metal rings.

Through our exclusive use of salvaged and repurposed woods that tell a tale of their own, we are receptive to life’s continuing cycle, while acknowledging the sanctity of the present moment. This values the immediacy of the now, instead of pointing to the past or the future. Our wood rings show off your extraordinary style with a beautiful, natural aesthetic, and an option to incorporate some of your own personal items in the piece itself. In your ring, you will discover much more than a mere accessory. It will hold a precious part of your story, captured with love.

All materials have obstacles, but purchasing precious metals could have serious repercussions. The process required to extract gold and platinum, along with the industry’s detrimental socio-economic impact, has an adverse effect on our global community.

We’ve got a list of things to consider before purchasing precious metals:

  • Consider what’s entailed in mining for gold. For many, a sunny image of pickaxes and river streams may come to mind. But long gone are the days of the California Gold Rush. In fact, so much gold has been taken from the Earth that it is now only found in relatively small concentrations, demanding entirely different techniques. Modern extraction methods for gold include violent blasting operations and treatment with toxic chemicals, like cyanide. The cyanide can then leach into soil and groundwater, posing a significant risk to people, livestock, and wildlife.
  • Platinum mining also accounts for numerous concerns. The process creates excessive air pollution in the form of dust and sulfur dioxide, massive energy and water consumption, and toxic chemical runoff. Society is deeply affected as local farmlands are often taken over by mining companies, who prioritize economic interests over the production of food.
  • The effects of mining are still affecting marginalized communities throughout the world, from South Africa to Myanmar to Peru.

An eco-friendly Simply Wood Ring is constructed of organic salvaged or repurposed wood. In some cases, we’ve given fallen trees from the surrounding area a second life. Other woods are sourced from like-minded organizations who would rather not see valuable wood get misused, or sent to a landfill. Wherever its roots may originate, our materials are always non-toxic and responsibly sourced. From start to finish, we employ natural methods that don’t harm the Earth or its creatures.

The Better Choice

We hope that you understand your purchasing decisions matter. While Simply Wood Ring is not perfect, we are offering a kinder, friendlier, and a consciously curated solution to the traditional metal rings influencing everyone today. Your ring is sure to inspire others, as they will undoubtedly express a natural curiosity about this unusually attractive piece. Your story, along with how the ring came to be, will plant the seeds for the next person to grow.

Simply Wood Rings are the leader in beautifully unique, highly personalized wooden rings. We provide you with unequaled customer care to create an exclusive and elegant piece of wearable art that tells your own personal story. Handcrafted in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, our rings are prized not only for their distinctive aesthetic and narrative but for the kind and globally conscious process by which they are made. We bring our respect and reverence for the Earth, for life and for tradition into each and every piece.

For more about Simply Wood Rings, contact us today!

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Simply Wood Rings: What We Do

Simply Wood Rings

The Ever-Present Moment

Have you ever had a trusty keepsake to remind you of a fleeting moment from the distant past? Something that had the power to return you instantly to the present moment you are in right here, right now?

Perhaps it is a lucky coin or a pressed flower, or a river-smoothed rock you keep in your pocket. Maybe it’s something that has stayed with you for a very long time, marked and changed right along with the flow of life’s events. Perhaps this object brings you back to yourself, as you take note of the tiny changes it has endured over a certain span of time.

Simply Wood Rings is a leader in artisan crafted wooden rings, proudly made in Chicago, Illinois. We create custom artisan-made, deeply meaningful, and uniquely personalized rings for both special and everyday occasions. Our treasured wooden jewelry offers not only symbolic beauty and style but also makes a direct positive contribution to our world and its inhabitants.

Many of our materials are sourced from personally significant items provided by our customers themselves, as well as salvaged and repurposed objects. This allows us to practice sustainability and tell your unique story at the same time.

Ethical Materials Are More Than the Sum of Their Parts

We invite our customers to contribute an object that is sentimental to them, coupled with the wood of their choice. Personal items incorporated into our jewelry may include part of a family heirloom, a meaningful rock, or petals from a person’s wedding bouquet. There was once a couple that walked into our store with a chili pepper and we turned a simple vegetable into a stunning piece of jewelry. This physical representation of an aspect of the personal experience is then inlaid into a new piece of wearable, sustainable, one-of-a-kind handmade wooden art, manifesting as a gorgeous wooden ring.

Our handcrafted custom rings are a way for you to keep a part of your special wedding day close to you at all times. These rings offer our customers a way to make that one memorial day never die, where a woman can basically be a bride forever.

The central components of our craft are the unique and mindfully chosen objects themselves, which carry an expressiveness and symbology directly personal to the person wearing the handmade design. The personal nature of each piece allows it to share its own narrative, and it’s likely that your beautiful eco-friendly wooden ring will invite the opportunity for questions from curious friends, nosy coworkers, and acquaintances. However, it’s up to you how much of your tale you choose to tell.

Telling an Individual Story

We would feel honored to collaborate with you on your unique Simply Wood ring, whether it is celebrating a union between people, a birthday, a milestone, or another special occasion. We work closely with you to understand your particular sensibilities and aesthetic. Essentially, we aim to foster a sense of reverence and honor for the ephemeral nature of these particular objects and woods. On a fundamental level, these types of materials remind us of the present moment and the idea of impermanence. We like to make sure that our philosophy is in friendly contrast with traditional jewelers, whose works specifically indicate the past and the future, denying the only moment we actually ever have, which is right now.

The Importance of Sustainability

Along with our customers, we place great value on our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices in our woodcraft. When in search of a ring to celebrate and represent something special, many people are led to believe that metal is the only choice. This, of course, is not the case. Some people are actually allergic to metal, and sourcing it is extremely hard on our environment. Working responsibly with wood and other environmentally friendly materials gives us a wonderful opportunity to practice our philosophy.

At Simply Wood Rings, we love the process of helping tell a story with each exclusive piece. We are serious about our role in honoring life’s most cherished moments. This professional attitude, coupled with our clients’ passion and the special nature of the objects, creates a finished product that is nothing short of magical. Your Simply Wood Ring will move with you through life in a beautifully ephemeral way, as life moves through you.

For more about Simply Wood Rings and our ring design process, please contact us today!

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A Simple Start- The Beginning of Simply Wood Rings

In 2005, my wife helped me realize that all questions have an answer. 

She asked, “Can you make a wood wedding ring?”
My answer was “Yes.. but…”

In woodworking, you, as the woodworker, will be the only one that knows where your mistakes lie, in any given creation. The mentality that there is only one way of doing something is what kept me from seeing the wonderfully simple beauty in the question “Can you make a wood ring?”.

First, there is the question of durability that needs an answer. As a woodworker, you have a learned that “the world is flat” quite literally, thanks to the industrial revolution. You cut, drill, plane, sand or otherwise abuse this very natural material that we call wood. It is all done in the name of speed and efficiency all the while killing the spirit and soul of the woodworker in the process. 

gustav reyes of Simply Wood Rings

So when my wife asked me, can I make a wood wedding ring, I quickly dismissed the notion. I wasn’t listening to my wife; she didn’t ask if it would be strong, or if people would like it. She wasn’t asking if people would fall in love with these little wooden rings that manifest human emotion, or if we would post the first wooden ring on Etsy. She didn’t ask if it would end up cutting a groove so deep that hundreds of “would-be woodworkers” would be able to give the world and alternative to the traditional wedding ring. She wasn’t asking to create a wood wedding ring that would connect us with thousands of the best customers the world has to offer.

Provided wood from our customers
Gus & Juanita

She simply asked… “Can you make a wood ring?”

As simple as, I like to say, my wife’s question was, she understood that to answer life’s most straightforward questions was enough, beyond that, we are filling life with things we believe are essential and only work to obscure what is truly wonderful about life.

After all these years, I continue to find peace and purpose in life, telling customer’s stories with these little wood wedding rings. After I had dismissed the idea, my wife asked again, “Can you bend wood?”, I finally knew the answer to the question. She was a fan of Ames bentwood furniture, so I told her that wood would bend within limitations, but not thick enough to be durable to be worn every day. She let me sit a few days then showed me a piece of paper rolled itself, and that’s the moment it clicked. The world was round! 

We have not looked back since that moment, and after our woodworking journey spans more than 20 years and still going, Simply Wood Rings will continue giving the world an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wedding rings. “Can you make a wood ring?” is a simple question that gets me out of bed every morning excited to try and answer. 

Thank you to my wife, Juanita, for that simple question and all the fantastic customers that understand life exists in the wonderfully simple parts!

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Wood Ring Tales- Sebastien and Val

We love being able to share our customers stories!

We spend so much time talking with our customers to create their ideas, it’s wonderful to see the people behind the emails. We first started talking with our customer Seb in June 2017. He came to us with such a personal idea for a ring, we knew we had to get it right. We happy to share his story!


It begins...

 Seb and Val met 8 years ago at a party in New Zealand. Val caught his eye when she organized a running race in the street when the party started to slow down. Seb is from France and was a student in New Zealand and was working as an oceanographer (how cool!?). Val is from America and was on vacation volunteering at organic farms (again, how cool?!).  They dated for a few months before Val had to go back home to take care of her mom who was ill. Unfortunately, Val’s mother passed away. After, Val moved back to New Zealand to live with Seb and planted a rosebush in her mother’s memory. While together, they built a life surrounded by international friends, a surrogate family, of people who were environmentally conscious. After years of telling Val he didn’t want to get married and didn’t see the point in “boring superficial weddings” he attended a Wedding Festival, thrown by their close friends. Their friends all contributed to different parts of the wedding (i.e. food, music) and after he saw how amazing and stress-free the event was, he had changed his mind and started his search for an engagement ring. Fast forward several months- he found us! 

"I found Simply Wood Rings and they sustainability message resonated with me (we live under the permaculture principles, with no single-use plastics and Val is a sustainability educator). I collected some sand from our local beach, a branch of her mom's rosebush and some plastic nurdles (the elementary form of plastic before it gets molded, found extensively in the oceans and animals) that Val had collected on one of her numerous beach clean-ups."

One of the biggest problems when it comes to custom rings is getting sized. This was just the same issue Seb had, and to make it even worse, Val didn’t wear any rings so he couldn’t easily take one to a local jeweler to have it sized. He thought about using the string test- where you place a piece of string around the finger and later measure it (we don’t recommend this!)- he was too afraid of getting caught so he didn’t attempt the test. Instead, he’d place his hand over hers and would try to compare their finger size. Seb’s custom ring we created was made of Ancient Kauri wood that comes from the bogs of New Zealand and is approximately 50,000 years old. The inlays he sent were black magnetic sand, some of the rose bush Val planted in honor of her mother, and some recycled plastic nurdles.

Life is full of surprises...

After the ring was created, they had found out they were pregnant! A few months later they planned a “Baby Moon” to the Pacific Island of Rarotonga. Seb planned a photoshoot while they were there and was calling it a “Pregnancy Shoot”. However, he planned to propose while they were hanging out with all the palm trees.

Surprise number 2- There’s a tropical storm in the Cook Islands and Seb and Val are forced to stay indoors. Visiting all the museums they could possibly find over the next 4 days, they decide it’s time to head home. The photoshoot is canceled, Seb doesn’t have a plan B. He’s got to figure out a plan B!

Photo from

(This is a gorgeous place and I had to find a photo to share with everyone!)

Back home after their babymoon, another stormy afternoon, Seb heads home from work after the power goes out in the whole town. “When I arrived home, Val had the same idea to go for a rainy walk with hot cocoa, our usual rainy day activity (I only go for walks if the weather is horrible and we have cocoa…).” They head over to a platform that overlooks their local beach, which is where they had their first date, many picnics, and their pregnancy celebration *IT’S PLAN B!!*

Seb has the ring in his pocket and tries to find the perfect moment. Val is sitting down (as she’s pregnant) and he waits for the perfect moment to propose. He sees a tropical bird in the distance, asks her “What kind of bird is that?” (he really doesn’t know). Val stands up to look and Seb scrambles to get the ring out of his pocket and gets down on one knee. 

Val didn't say YES at first, it was more " WHAAAAATTTTT???" (this was delivered with an interesting surprised face!) I guess she was surprised after years of agreeing on not getting married! Getting a clear positive answer took a couple of minutes...

The only problem is, the ring is wayyyyy too big (as you can see in this second photo).

So they sent it back to us and we crafted him a new one in the correct size. We got it back to Seb and Val as their due date was rapidly approaching!  On February 13th, 2018 the ring was in the mail on it’s way to New Zealand. On February 22nd, Val goes into labor. They took one last walk on the beach to clear their heads before heading to the birthing center. Seb stopped at his office quick to pick up a few things and sees the newly crafted, correct sized ring on his desk. While they’re on their way to the center, Val is laying on the back seat and Seb once again presents her with her wooden ring. Six hours after- they’re daughter Zoé was born.

We’re so happy we were able to be part of this wonderful story!
If you want to check out Val’s website you can head here:

Do you have a story you want to share about your rings?

We'd love to hear it!
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Can I provide my own wood for a custom wood ring?

We're always asked by customers if they can provided their own wood and the answer is....


We started Simply Wood Rings with the idea that our wood rings be simply beautiful and meaningful. To make our rings more meaningful, we love using customer provided wood. It is very important that your wood ring tell your story whether it is created from your own provided wood or our eco-friendly sourced wood. Additionally, we are not just limited to just wood as an inlay it can also be provided sand, stones, or even other types of plant life, like flowers. We love the unique quality of materials because we understand love can be uniquely beautiful. We believe love exists in the simple part of life when no one is looking. It’s a breath, it’s the color of the summer sky, it’s the rain that gives you the space to feel. Well, you can see that we take your story seriously because it gives our life meaning to be a small part of telling your story.

custom wood ring
Provided gold mined in Alaska by our customers grandchildren

We are constantly amazed by the wonderful stories that we have been a part of, some are grand gestures and some sweet and touching, but every single one of them is moving, in its own way. A couple’s important moment remembered by inlaying flower petals, stones from that summer walk with the one you love, dirt from the land of your family, and vintage mother of pearl buttons that carry the story of love and protection through ages, it is because of these unique materials drive us to create these wonderful simple wood rings. Two becoming one yet maintaining their uniqueness is what we strive for in our wood rings.

Provided wood & Provided Flower petals
Rosewood with provided rose stem (from our customers first date)

Over the years we have worked with many different materials, some work better than others, but in every case we have been able to create a wood ring that is beautiful and deeply meaningful. Additionally, through the years, we have been part of a wonderful community of the best customers any artist could ask for so for that I am grateful to have been apart of your life. Find out more about how much wood is needed for a wood ring by Simply Wood Rings requires.

Want to Provide your materials?

We would love to talk to you more about your custom project!

Don't have materials to use but love our rings?

We have you covered!
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Start Making Changes Now! | Earth Day 2018

Looking to make some eco-conscious changes this Earth day?

Well look no further! We came up with some great ideas and helpful tips to help you start with your eco-change.

Eco At Heart ™

Reusable Straws

Drinking straws have become a standard in restaurants and bars. By no you’ve heard how terrible plastic straws can be for the environment. In fact, there are plastic straw bans happening all over. If you can’t let go of the straw, purchase some reusable one! These stainless steel straws from Eco at Heart would be a great choice! They’ve been creating these straws since 2014 and are focused on reducing plastic waste.

Since we’er sure you’re now ready to make the change, head over to the Plastic Pollution Coalition and take the pledge to say “No Straw Please“.

Reusable Bags

Here in Chicago we have a plastic bag tax, which means if you go into any store and didn’t bring your own bags, they will charge you 7 cents per bag. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but who really wants to pay 7 cents every time you go to the store. It seems to be working so far as I am always sure to keep a reusable bag in my car and purse. 

This first company Eco Bags has a great selection of different reusable totes, string bags, produce bags and so many more. Their mission is to “offer thoughtful, ethically and sustainably sourced, durable-reusable bags that inspire people to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world we live in.” They’ve been in business since 1989 and by the looks of it, inspired many to switch from plastic bags that just end up in landfills to these great reusable bags!

On the search for reusable totes, I found this company Oxgut. They create furniture, mats, and other great accessories out of used fire hoses! The fire hoses that are reclaimed come from US based firehouse. For me, many of my family members were and are firefighters, so it was exciting to find these cool products.  

Eco Bags
Klean Kanteen

Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are out, stainless steel water bottles are in! Klean Kanteen is a family run business that started in 2004, when they wanted a non-toxic alternative to single use water bottles. They have a great selection of different kinds of bottles, food canisters and cups.

Personally, I carry my water bottle everywhere with me, it took a bit to get in the habit but it’s totally worth it.

Other helpful tips


Donate your gently used items. Clothes, shoes, furniture and kitchen items that are taking up space in your home could be great items for others to use! Also, purchasing used items instead of buying brand new every time.


Grow your own produce. If you have the space you can grow all kinds of vegetables. Even in a small apartment you can create a herb “garden”. There’s a possibility your neighborhood could have a community garden as well. You’ll feel accomplished when you see your hard work pay off.


Create your own cleaning products. We tend to use a lot of harsh chemicals to clean, but there are ways to make your own all purpose cleaners that are better for the environment. Mix white vinegar, water, lemon or orange rind for a great smelling cleaner.


Recycle your old or broken wood furniture to us! We love when people send us wood to use instead of it ending up in a land fill. If you’re already thinking of a custom ring, we can use your wood and inlay material. 

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Sitting in a Tree Ring | Remembing Moms Courage

Moms courage

A short time before I gave birth to our first daughter, I found out my Mother had cancer. In June of 2014 I learned that she had been diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. She spent the next eight months going through intense radiation and chemotherapy treatments, while taking a slew of medications. Of course that means she wasn’t able to travel to actually be there for the birth of her first granddaughter, but we took a trip out to Florida as soon as the baby was able to travel.

My Mom fought her cancer with every ounce of strength she had, and while she went into remission from the cancer a multitude of other health problems took over. She developed lymphedema, along with kidney failure. My mom was in constant pain but through it all she always smiled when we were around. She never let anyone see how bad she truly felt and was still trying to take care of everyone around her.

5-10-15 Best Day Ever

In the middle of her battle with these illnesses and her remission she got to see me walk down the aisle, and she was able to meet and spend some time with her two granddaughters.

Ever since that first time I was  told she had cancer it was like a stopwatch had started in the back of all of our minds. How much time did we actually have left with her? The doctors first told us she wouldn’t make it past six months. My mom was the strongest woman I’ve ever known and she beat the all the odds and lived almost a full two years after her diagnosis. She passed away in August of 2016 with friends and family by her side.

A moms love

My mom wasn’t just strong in her fight with cancer. My whole life she showed me how a person can be strong in so many different ways. She showed me how fierce and bright and wonderful a mother’s love truly is, no matter how far apart you are. She drilled in me that girls can whatever we put our mind too and we could be just as tough, if not tougher, than the boys.

My mom was my biggest fan, my shoulder to cry on, and a swift kick in the rear when I needed it. I’m so thankful for the relationship I had and how it’s help mold the one I’m building with my daughters now. I’m thankful for the time she got to spend with them and the incredible amount of love she had/showed them in that short period. A part of me hopes that their coming into this world is what helped her hold on a little bit longer, and its something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Sitting in a tree ring holds meaning

One more thing I can now cherish and have to remind me of that is my own beautiful, one-of-a-kind Simply Wood Rings ring. Thanks to my wonderful best friend, Shelby and the rest of the amazing Simply Wood Rings team for helping commemorate it for me.

The ring that Shelby chose to use as the inspiration for my ring is the ‘Sitting in a Tree’ ring. The Simply Wood Rings ‘Sitting in a Tree’ ring brings the whole family together by using a base wood of an anniversary month and inlays of birth-woods or birth-stones to represent those closest to you.

My own ‘Sitting in a Tree’ ring features a beautiful base wood of Elm. Elm is the anniversary wood for the month of May. Our wedding date was 5-10-15 🙂 It was actually the first time I met most of Korey’s family and it was right before then my mom announced her remission for a brief period of time. That day was the best day ever. Elm has a light to medium reddish brown color and a somewhat coarse, uneven texture. The wood sands easily though for a gorgeous, natural low luster.

For the birthstone inlays, the outer two rings represent my two daughters, so Ruby and Turquoise were used. The middle inlay, representing my mother, is made from Amethyst. I never even thought about it until I put the ring on, but my girls’ birthstone colors mixed together make my Mom’s birthstone color. And purple just happens to by my favorite color too, ha-ha! It’s also kind of like my girls are hugging my mom and that is something really special to me. Not only do the colors of the birthstones mean something to me, but what they each symbolize add another layer for me to cherish in this already incredible memento.

Ruby is the gemstone used for the birth month of July – when my oldest was born. It is said to represent nobility and beauty, and is considered one of the four most precious gems. Turquoise, the gemstone picked for the birth month of December – my youngest was born on New Year’s Eve. It is one of the oldest stones, used in many ancient cultures. It is believed to bring good fortune and symbolizes friendship and prosperity.

For those born in February, like my mom was, they are said to be blessed with Amethyst as their birthstone. This popular gemstone is prized for symbolizing peace, courage, and love. And I don’t think there’s anything more befitting for my mom. She was the definition of courage. She spent nearly three years fighting a despicable disease and other illnesses. In that time she found peace within herself, she loved and lived as hard as she could. The love between her and my daughters fills my heart. Every time I look at this beautiful piece of jewelry that was made with so much thought and care, my heart overflows with all the emotions I feel.

My every day rings (the ring on the right is made from some of my Mom’s ashes)


Simply Wood Rings took these wonderfully simple materials and created something so precious to me that I will cherish for the rest of my life. They will do that for you, too. Every ring made by Simply Wood Rings is handled with the same care and attention that my ring received. You can trust them to make something that will have you and your loved one’s heart skip a beat every time they put it on.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.



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Wood Ring – Refinish & Maintenance

If you’ve purchased a wood ring from us recently, or are thinking of doing so, please remember: Our wood rings are meant to last through the good and hard times as well as any changes that you might encounter in life, however with that being said we do suggest good wood ring care, including annual wood ring refinishing, as you learn to live with and care for your wood ring. Personally, I have two bogwood rings that I wear constantly on my pointer fingers and they get to experience life just as much as I do!  I see the marks that I make when I knock it against my desk, or somehow my hand hits a wall as if it’s a reflex of some sort I have yet to completely figure out. I am that customer that doesn’t take it off as often as I should, I shower, wash my hands and dishes as well as the occasional gardening all with my ring on.  My rings are essentially apart of me at this point, my metal and wooden ones. As I’m sure it happens to the majority of married people I feel lost without my rings even if it’s in the rare occasion I do take them off- it’s like something is missing. All this extra love does mean a little extra maintenance here and there.

Once the wood ring is back in our hands we work diligently to ensure special care is taken of it while refinishing your wood ring to its original shine or matte finish. Let’s say you’ve had your ring for a couple months and notice a slight crack in the outer layer- DO NOT PANIC, this is the outer layer which is for protective purposes and can be easily refinished to fix the issue, while this is rare it’s important to pay attention at least in the first couple months of wearing your ring. I hate to say it but some customers love their wood rings so much that they will wait years before sending in their rings, sometimes this results in us having to completely remake the ring which could result in an additional cost to, essentially, make you a new ring. So, while we do suggest to annually refinish your ring, it’s always better to do it sooner than later. Think back to why you got the ring or how you customized it to fit the needs in your life or the memory you’ve created while incorporating something from home- treat the wood ring as you would the actual memory, with care.

If any questions ever arise regarding refinishing your wood ring and you’re unsure of which Tier to pick; feel free to reach out to me (Shelby) and I can certainly talk you through it. Contact Us.

Wood Ring Care Plans

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Valentine’s Day is on the way!



Flowers and chocolate are so 2017.

This year let SimplyWood Rings make that special someone a one-of-a-kind ring that says “I love you!” in more than one way.


Rosewood base

Simply Wood Rings offers a variety of beautiful reclaimed woods that can be used as the base of your ring. Rosewood, is a popular wood because of its strength, hardness, stability, and beauty. It is predominantly reddish-brown color and has a sweet smell. It is said to have compassionate and nourishing qualities. Cherry wood is a great base because of its rich natural luster and medium weight. It has been called the “tree of heart” and symbolizes compassion. Apple wood is another great base to use. It has an appearance and texture similar to Cherry, yet is heavier and harder. Apple is said to symbolize adoration and longevity in love. Another popular wood to use as the base for this special gift is Maple. Maple wood has a natural light color with a fine, uniform texture. Maple is also a very strong wood and has a high resistance to abrasion and wear. The Maple symbolizes the tree of offering, also balance and strength.Teak Wood Ring with Maple Liner


These four woods are just the start to what Simply Wood Rings can use to create your ring. Every material we use offers it’s own unique meaning and properties thus giving you a limitless amount of combinations to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind ring that has it’s own special meaning for that special someone. Just check out our gallery to look at some of the pieces Simply Wood Rings has created over the years. Contact us today and we can start creating something beautiful for you!