Wooden Rings

  • Nuts About You Wedding Set

    “Nuts About You” | Walnut Wedding Ring Set

  • Oak

    Oak Wedding Ring

  • Rosewood Set

    Salvaged Rosewood Ring Set

  • Breaking Traditions Set

    “Breaking Traditions” | Mahogany and Birchwood Wedding Ring Set

  • walnut-with-maple

    “Love is Now” | Maple and Walnut Wedding Band

  • Strength of Souls

    “Strength of Souls” | Oak wedding set

  • The Infinity

    Infinity Wood Ring

  • Bogwood wooden wedding ring

    “The Bogwood” | Bogwood with Oak ring

  • Rosewood Wooden Wedding Ring

    Salvaged Rosewood Wooden Ring

  • Love is Now Set

    “Love is Now” | Walnut and Maple Wood Ring Set

  • Hackberry and Rosewood Wooden Ring

    Hackberry and Rosewood Wood Ring

  • Nuts About You Walnut Ring

    “Nuts About You” | Walnut Wood Engagement Ring

  • Young at Heart- Yin

    “Young at Heart” | Bogwood and Oak Ring (Yin)

  • Yang - Bog Wood Ring

    “Young at Heart” | Bogwood and Oak ring (Yang)

  • Young at Heart Set

    “Young at Heart” | Bog Wood Rings Set

  • SWR Kauri Wood Ring Birch Liner

    Ancient Kauri Wood Ring

  • Oak Wedding Rings

    “Two Lovers and an Acorn” | Oak Wood Ring Set

  • Seashore's Muse Rosewood Wood Ring Mother of Pearl Inay Wedding Set

    “Seashore’s Muse” | Rosewood & Mother of Pearl Wood Ring Set

  • Seashore's Muse Rosewood and Mother of Pearl Ring

    “Seashore’s Muse” | Rosewood & Mother of Pearl Ring

  • Breaking Traditions Wood Wedding

    “Breaking Traditions” | Mahogany Engagement Wood Ring


SWR artist-owner Gustav Reyes, has worked hard to develop a construction process that is both cutting-edge and accessible. It comes directly from the combination of education (at the Art Institute of Chicago), experience (a lifetime of woodworking), and his own environmental awareness. We use a single piece of wood to create the band of the ring, so that the structure follows an uninterrupted, single-direction grain. Then it’s reinforced with an industrial strength adhesive which is nontoxic, totally inert, and has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Our wood rings can only be made one at a time, by an artisan’s hand. We don’t use metal to reinforce the wood. The wood in each ring is manipulated only to the extent that it is capable of being manipulated; its integrity is never compromised. The process works with nature’s engineering, and not against it.