FAQs about Wooden Rings

Why Wooden Rings?

    • Some people have metal allergies, and others simply like their aesthetics, but for many of us wood rings are about creating an object which binds us with the natural world, the passing of time, and values of reuse, renewal, and growth. Our ring materials come from eco-conscious and ethically responsible sources, and are produced in the same manner. The wood rings are crafted by hand, by our small troop of creative enthusiasts: we care about you, your story, and making you a meaningful ring.

      For us, wooden rings are a celebration of life. Wood holds with it its past lives, the tree it was, the beams that bore the weight of a roof, the guitar that reverberated with music long-lost. The wood we use is matter in progress, and we take great care in shepherding it to its next form, honoring all it has been and will be.

How long will my ring last?

    • We've been crafting these rings for over 10 years and use a process that maintains the natural structure of the wood--drawing strength from the wood grain rather than cutting against it as you see with most wooden rings. Since this process has been continually evolving, we can't accurately give you a life expectancy for the rings. We can tell you that many of our first customers still have their rings from us, which have lasted them years with proper care.

      The greatest determining factor to the ring's lifespan is the care it receives on a regular basis. These rings are designed to be lived in and incorporated into the pacing of our lives, so most of your daily activities are fine.
      The grain structure makes the rings structurally sound, so you do not need to worry about splintering or breaking with these rings. The wood is protected with a transparent waterproof finish.
      Although we recommend the ring be removed during hand washing, the occasional wash will not harm the ring as long as the finish is maintained.

      For more information, read “How do I care for my Simply Wood Ring?

    Tiered Repair Plan

    First Tier 

    • *Free refinishing, for the life of your ring. If you take care of the shipping, we’ll do the rest! We can do this in about 2 weeks, depending on the shop workload.

    Second Tier

    • For $60, we can patch superficial damage (affecting less than a ¼ of the width of the ring’s depth), and renew the refinish. This tier also includes refinishing and superficial repair for prong, bezel, and precious metal setting rings. This can be done in 2-3 weeks.

    Third Tier

    • For $110, we can re-wrap the outer layer to repair all superficial damage, plus refinishing. This will take at least 3 weeks.

    Fourth Tier

    • A full remake, which will take the normal 6-8 weeks. Pricing and scheduling can be discussed by contacting us.

    If you’re not sure about where in the tiering system your ring falls, please get in touch with us and we’ll figure it out together!

    *Because of the construction of our prong, bezel, and precious metal setting rings, refinishing takes a great deal more work. For these rings, purchased after June 2014, we will ask that you select a “Second Tier” repair plan, in order to give us the time and resources necessary to protect and care for your ring in a sustainable way. For those prong, bezel, and precious metal setting rings purchased June 2014 or prior, we will continue to honor our “free refinishing” policy for the life of the ring

    N. B. We are open to repairing or re-sizing a wooden ring that you may have purchased elsewhere. However, we do not have a fixed-price system for these situations. Please, call us at 312 . 590 . 6070  or send us an email to discuss further. 

    How durable are Simply Wood Rings?

    • We would be doing our clients a disservice to claim our work is as durable as traditional metal rings, but we can say that our wooden rings are much stronger than you might think, especially compared to rings made by traditional methods of wooden ring construction. Breaking and splintering rings are not common when properly maintained.

    What wood do you use? 

    • We work regularly with a variety of woods, from the ancient Kauri wood (~50,000 years old, and counting!), to the tenacious Ailanthus, a common urban-growing tree known for its strength and meaning of hope. Every wood is unique and carries its own story into the shop, then back out as a finished product.  Although we can never keep up with the amounts of different kinds of wood we receive, if you’re interested to find out more about the wood we use, visit our materials page. 

    How long will it take for my ring to arrive? 

    • It normally takes 6 to 8 weeks, for new orders. That is, from the time of payment to actual ring, in hand. We do have some rings available for immediate delivery, but most of the work is made, to size, upon order. Working with specialty materials means that we are sometimes limited by their availability, but we will always make every effort to find the materials we need to make your ring exactly as you’d like it.

      We can expedite an order if you need to get it by your wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion. Let us know when you need the ring. This will enable us to plan for your deadline and our workload. It is a good idea to let us know what your timeframe looks like when you place your order, even if it is more than 4 weeks out. Learn more about expediting here.

      If you are uncertain of exactly what you want in the ring, or would like our help crafting the concept or design of the ring, it is a good idea to contact us a little sooner. We are happy to answer any questions for you, and help you select just the right woods, design, inlays and/or setting for your piece.

      *The estimated time of arrival is only given once the order is confirmed with payment*

    How do I know my ring size?

    • Ring sizes follow a standard. If you don't know your size, we recommend that you go to your local jeweler to get an accurate measure. Ask them to size you with a wide ring sizer or let you try on a 6mm-10mm band (depending on the ring you'd like to purchase).
      If you prefer, we can send you a small sizer to use at home, although professional sizing is always best.
      If you are ordering from overseas, please be aware that we use standard American sizes. Please let us know which system you are using when you give us your size, to avoid mix-ups.

What ring styles and ring profiles do you make? 

    • After years of experience, we’ve discovered that wood rings work best, and strongest, in a small variety of profiles; most bands we make are flat, soft flat, or soft. For more information available profiles, click here.

      In addition to these symmetrical styles, we’ve made many tapered and engagement-style rings for commission orders. (If you’re looking for a stone-centric engagement ring, we recommend a bezel setting for the best result.) For more ideas, take a look at the gallery.

      If you have questions about possibilities, or anything you see in the gallery feel free to contact us.

Can you personalize my wooden ring with an engraving?

    • We offer wood-burning inscriptions on any of our rings. It’s a striking effect, and keeps us from having to cut into the ring and compromise the band's strength. You can order the burning here for $25 per ring. Just let us know what inscription you would like in the "comments" section when you check out. Please note, there is a 25 character limit to inscriptions in order to ensure that they fit legibly around the inside of the ring.

Where is your shop located / do any stores carry your rings?

    • We do all of our work in our studio in Chicago, Illinois.
    • No other stores carry our rings. We believe in how special our rings are, and how special you are, so we prefer to collaborate directly.

      If you’re in the Chicago area, or planning to visit, make an arrangement to stop by! We’d love to meet you and show you some rings. Give us a call at 312-590-6070 or use the Appointment Form to set up a meet-and-greet.