Team Simply Wood Rings

Gustav Reyes

My formal training, hands-on experience and years of dedication to my craft have allowed me to find that point where nature breathes through the form, striking a balance between the contemporary and the ancient, crafting fine art that is deeply personal, contextual and alive.



Life breathes throughout the everyday. Even in an urban environment, we are surrounded by organic processes, of growth and decay, birth, life, and of death. These processes shape our existence and make each moment precious, fleeting and magnificent. An awareness of this transitory beauty is what drives my work and what I endeavor to capture in each of my creations.

Influences & Inspiration

Meet the Team


Customer Service Specialist

Shelby is on it. When you call or email us, it's Shelby on the other side of the line. She has two cats, Sushi and Waffles; feel free to ask her for photos of them. She looks forward to helping you get what you need!

Cesar Simply Wood RIngs Shop Leader


Master Craftsman


Cesar can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to, and loves a good challenge. He’s a problem solver and an innovative thinker. Cesar went to Illinois Institute of Technology, where he studied Architecture. He loves working in a creative environment where he can put his skills to the test. He works with his team members to make the eco-friendly, artist-designed wooden ring of your dreams. 


Designer & Client Support

Sara is a Chicago based industrial designer who graduated from UIC's design program in 2016. She is a lifelong learner and has a passion for creative entrepreneurship. She loves making lists and checking things off. When not at SWR Sara likes listening to podcasts, hanging out with her dog Sunny, and watching cartoons.

Master Finisher


Master Finisher

Yolanda gets it done, on time and perfectly. While she gives a hand in all aspects of the ring-making process, she’s best known around here for her flawless finishes. She’s become an artisan in her own right, designing and making rings that combine unpredictable materials and the processes she’s learned at Simply Wood Rings. Also, she loves Mexican heavy metal.

The Simply Wood Rings team is here to help you create a wood ring that tells your story!