Mens Wood Wedding Rings

Mens Wood Rings

Strength in Nature

What makes mens wood rings strong?
The beauty of a wood ring is it can be both strong and refined. We often are asked if wood rings are for men or for women? We really like that question because it allows the person to grow with us in the understanding of what wood rings can be. The strength from both feminine and masculine energies can be represented in the wooden ring. A wood like Oak paired with Elm carries both to make a truly unique wood ring. So the simple answer is a Simply Wood Ring can be what you make it.

This selection of rings is loosely suggested for men. The rings on this page are more masculine in appearance and feature wider ring widths. These are also simplified versions of some of our engagement styles. Simply Wood Rings handcrafts wooden wedding and engagement rings, in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, from salvaged wood and other sustainable materials. Our rings are designed by an artist who cares about the environment, made and supported by other creatives who care so much about what they do. It’s our mission to source materials and do business in an ethical manner in every way we can, like using lumber sourced from Horigan Urban Forestry, and using a green hosting service for our website.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

Simply Wood Rings wooden wedding sets are a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative to metal rings. Our sustainable ring sets are designed by an artist and crafted by creatives who are dedicated to providing environmentally conscious commitment jewelry.

We can use your wood.

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