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    Tier 4: Remake

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    Tier 3: Repair and Re-Wrap

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    Tier 2: Repair and Rings with Settings Refinishing

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    Tier 1: Refinishing

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  • Ring Balm

    Ring Balm


We provide free refinishing for the our wooden rings, for the life of your rings. However, if your rings ever need a bit more care, we have formulated a tiered system for that. You will never pay the same amount for your rings as you originally did. We also suggest occasional conditioning with ring balm as an extra step to maintain the finish of your rings. If you’ve run out of balm, or you would like an extra pot, we have it available to purchase. We also offer ring sizers in the event you can’t get to a professional jeweler but would still like to purchase a ring from us. Finally, you may already be aware that our rings take about 6-7 weeks to create. For a small fee of $65, we can cut that time in half–to about 3 weeks. This expediting fee is an add-on to your order, available in this section or at the checkout. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about wooden ring care and accessories.